Feel the lungs of Tel Aviv: Good example of climate change adaptation

The Paris summit is just going to finished now and countries in both groups, developing and developed nations are still blaming each other. But there are few countries still taking the issue of climate change seriously and working on that without blaming others. Israel is one of these countries, previous almost desert (impossible to imagine) thinks that the mitigation and adaptation are critical to address the climate change challenges. One of adaptation measure you can feel here at city of Tel Aviv-Yafo. Just need to come out from your home at morning and visit to parks and gardens here. Feel the environment there because you will exceptionally get such environment in cities of other countries. Here, I am suggesting you few gardens and parks in Tel Aviv and nearby areas.

The sunlight in these winter mornings make everything shining in the little foggy air and little smelly soil here at Tel Aviv gardens; always welcome you to keep out all your stress and tension on your mind. The quite, cool environment only breaks by chirping of birds, buzzing of bees and insects with humble laughing of cheerful senior citizens and innocent children. This all will give you experience of the paradise and few minutes in such paradise are enough to make you strong to face whole day job duties and responsibilities.

HaYarkon Park

You cannot imagine such a big park in the city playing very important role in the environment of city. It is one of the biggest and most people visited park in Tel Aviv, it contains six gardens such as, the Gan HaBanim, Gan Nifga’ei HaTeror, Gan HaSlaim, Gan HaKaktusim, Gan HaGazum, and Gan HaTropi. This park is famous for the biodiversity in the plants. It is located just south to Tel Aviv University and the river Yarkon runs through the park which finally reaches to Mediterranean Sea.

Ramat Gan National Park

This second biggest park, adjacent to Ramat Gan Safari, in Tel Aviv district welcoming you for visit its beautiful landscaping ideas and lake. It is located in south of Ramat Gan and covers approximately 1.9 km2 area.

Tel Aviv University Botanical Garden

It is the important centre for botanical education, environmental education as the outdoor class for you to see the efforts in the field of conversation of endangered plant species in the world. Here you see approximately 3800 plant species from Israel and the world. This plant is just adjacent to Noah Nafulski garden and TAU zoological garden.

Charles Clore Garden

This is best example to seaside management. This beautiful public park is located along to 5 Herbert Samuel Street and the Mediterranean Sea. This is the excellent place just near to white foamy waves of sea mixing the blue color of sky and colorful boats with shining sunlight.

Meir garden

This is approximately 7.4 acres mini oasis famous for trees, aquatic weeds pond and many facilities available there.

Dubnov Park

You will see the sunlight is coming through the tall trees make the environment better for your relaxation here in this public park of approximately 6 acres.    

Kiryat Sefer Park

This 3 acres land in the central part of Tel Aviv city is the symbol of the people of Tel Aviv’s love to nature and environment.  

HaAtsmaut Garden

This beautiful sunset point also known as independence garden, located south to Tel Aviv port parallel to beach.

HaAliya HaShniya garden of 16 hectors area and located on the Kozlovsky hill, Tel Aviv Botanical Garden, Tel Aviv Zoological garden, and so on. Such all parks and gardens are playing a role of the lungs of this city.

In cities generally you will find two birds one is crock and second one is pigeon as these are most tolerant birds for changing environment. But here we will find many bird species easily proving the environment of city is better. The city of Tel Aviv is declared as World Smartest City at 2014 among approximately 250 cities including Landon, New York, Amsterdam etc, and no doubt that these gardens also had rolled in this award.


About the Author
Kapilkumar is an Indian research fellow at Tel Aviv University. His academic background is of environmental science. He studied journalism at Pune University, India and completed his intern at Lokmat newspaper, one of the leading newspapers in Maharashtra state of India. Kapilkumar is interested in addressing the challenges relating to climate change by using the fields of journalism and environment together.
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