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Fight BDS, Support Down Syndrome Awareness With Saboneto and Cindy’s Corners

Fighting BDS and Bringing Awareness to Down Syndrome With Soap


I was fascinated to learn about this amazing company during their visit to New York for the Jerusalem Post Conference. They handed me some samples which I took home and used immediately. I loved how my skin felt and the natural smells that I used up and knew I had to purchase more and share my find.

What better way to fight those who want to destroy Israel’s economy than to buy one of the many soap collections that they ship internationally. They promote: CELEBRATE DIVERSITY, FOSTER ACCEPTANCE.

The Saboneto family factory is located in Kochav HaShachar, Israel, in the area of Binyamin. It is within a half-an-hour drive of Jerusalem, overlooks the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, and the Shomron and Jordan mountain ranges. This area is under constant attack from Israel haters, especially the many wineries and businesses located there. If you are lucky enough to visit the community and it’s surrounding neighborhoods, you will feel welcomed, embraced and learn lots about your historical rights to this land from the Bible, even visiting key places where our forefathers lived.

Saboneto founder Shlomo Keshet creates his recipes with pure olive oil that cascades with mud taken from the depths of the Dead Sea, and basking in the scents of Garden of Eden which slowly roll out over the surrounding countryside…

This story actually began 17 years ago with the birth of Shlomo and his wife Naomi’s fourth child, Elnatan. Besides his smile and love of life, this child was also born with an extra chromosome (Down Syndrome), that now presented the whole family with a new challenge and life mission.

Over the years, Shlomo and Naomi tried to always place Elnatan in an environment that would help him actualize his strenghts and abilities. Around the time that Elnatan was finishing up high school, the Keshets founded the Saboneto soap factory, where today Elnatan and his friends work. Each soap is made with a personal touch that begins from the moment the plants are picked, to the stirring of the mixture, to the wrapping itself. The wrapping is done by our beloved Elnatan, and in his own special way, he constantly reminds the family how it’s possible to find the potential of the flower, and how it’s possible to give life.

This package was delivered internationally within days


The beginning of the process of Saboneto soaps begins in the field. At dawn we go out to pick the fresh organic plants, basking in the fresh air of the Binyamin mountains. When our baskets are full, the organic plants that we picked are then cooked in hot water, filling the entire factory with the smell of a new morning, straight from nature.

While the plants are turning into a wondrously fragrant liquid, we are already busy cooking the choice oils that are part of our unique recipe, including olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, almond oil, sesame oil and shea butter, which together make a pure and rich composition that accompany all of our soaps and give them a texture that simultaneously lathers, stimulates and indulges. Next comes the mud, taken straight from the depths of the Dead Sea, and one of the main ingredients of Saboneto’s homemade recipe. Together with the mud, salt, medicinal plants and oils, we create unique soaps that soothe the soul and refresh the body. At this stage, every bar of soap is infused with its special qualities, enriched with particular medicinal plants with their wondrous scents and properties straight form nature. Finally, at the end, before the pouring of this wondrous mixture, the essential oils, which provide so many physical and spiritual benefits, will be stirred with a loving hand. After a few days, the “block” is cut and it is set aside to dry and age for about a month.

The high quality ingredients and cold pressing (until 38 degrees Celsius) preserve the healing properties that nature generously provides, leaving a rich and healthy soap.

I personally love the lavender scented soaps. In my yoga practice, instructors have pointed out that Research suggests that lavender may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness.

Check out their Instagram for more information on their products and tzedakah projects:

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