Finnish double down on an arrogant politician

In a featured Op-Ed at the Times of Israel, Manfred Gerstenfeld, explains even when a poll comes back with the answer that 5 million Dutchmen believe Israel is marching Palestinians into death camps as I write, the Dutch establishment and media put their fingers in their ears and scream la-la-la.

Imagine we asked a less contentious question like “do you believe Jews and Jewish money have undue control over media and politics in the USA?”. Perhaps more than 5 million Dutchmen would say yes.

From Finland we know how the Vice Chairman of their Foreign Affairs Committee would answer: he doesn’t even need asking, he’ll volunteer his Protocols of the Elders of Zion inspired opinion.

And now it seems the Finnish establishment are doubling down and supporting him.

Finnish politician Pertti Salolainen (National Coalition) Vice Chairman of the Finnish Foreign Affairs Committee, created a stir last year when he made an antisemitic statement on national TV concerning the reasons why he believed the US voted no in recognizing a non-Member Observer State for the Palestinian Authority.

“Sanoin ohjelmassa siis, että Yhdysvalloissa on niin vaikutusvaltainen juutalaisväestö, jolla on sekä rahat että media käsissään aika paljon “.


Salolainen: “the United States has such an influential Jewish population, which has both the money and the media in their hands to a large extent.”

This resulted in the Simon Wiesenthal Center issuing a press release demanding an explanation from the Finnish government, as well as disciplining the senior politician and diplomat if the report turned out to be true. The story was then picked up by the Jerusalem Post which reported the exact same story, of whicha subtitled video of the incident online. All the evidence points to Pertti Salolainen indeed saying what was reported by the SWC and the Jerusalem Post.

Pertti Salolainen screen capture with quote – Image Credit: Tundra Tabloids

The same politician is now trying to change the public perception of what he said, but insisting that the report leaked to the SWC didn’t contain the words ”quite a lot” in regard to the extent of Jewish control of the money and media within the US, as if that diminishes the antisemitism of the statement. The irony here is that the words were indeed included in both the SWC press release and in the JPost article. Go figure.

What this shows is the extent of disconnect that exists within the Finnish body politic and within its media as they take to rallying around the supposed victim of an international smear job, when in reality, Pertti Salolainen further emphasizes the same anti-Jewish canard of Jews exercising disproportionate control over US media and finances.

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