Fire Terror in Israel- Palestinian Terror In Congress – Enough!! Let’s Roll


Israel has now been victimized by another form of terrorism which confirms there is no cease fire. It does not matter if Israel is attacked with rockets, missiles or even fire balloons, an attack is an attack, period.

I am very upset that before Shabbat Israel now has to worry about a new threat to our security. We are getting ready to celebrate Shabbat, our day of rest,  and instead people here are finding themselves homeless due to all the fires raging across the land. The Palestinians are to blame and refuse to realize that Israel has a right to exist peacefully without threats.

President Trump threatened to attack harshly those responsible for a recent rocket attack near a US facility in the Middle East.  Israel should now continue to make the same threat to the Palestinians with this attack.

While Public Security Minister Erdan said arson was not suspected, a series of fires in the Gaza region was blamed on balloon-borne incendiary devices being sent over the border.

Officials fear Friday may see even more attempts to start fires in the Gaza border region. “The balloon terror may get worse tomorrow depending on the wind direction, after a few of their attempts failed today,” a fire official in the region told Army Radio.

A community founded by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach has been almost completely destroyed by fire, local authorities said Thursday, as a rash of wildifres ravaged the area.

“The Moshav was a space of deep peace and comfort. I am in utter shock, devastated and heartbroken that our precious place has burned.” Carlebach’s New York-based daughter Neshama Carlebach said on the website of the campaign.

Here we go again, a place that has been home to many people seeking a quiet relaxing place to live is disrupted by Palestinian  terrorists.

So let me ask you, what is the difference, between a missile or fire doing damage? The whole Moshav has been wiped out, and will have to start from scratch. A fundraiser has been started to help those affected, including the same son-in-law I spoke about who is involved with the Iron Dome Project. His cousin’s house was completely destroyed and their whole family is homeless for Shabbat.

Now another question, what is the difference between the Six-Day war fought in 1967, or the verbal war going on in Congress today?

It is not only shocking to see, but ironic. In June, 1967 while I was receiving my diploma at my High School graduation I mention in a previous Blog, Israel was being attacked and outnumbered by many  Arab countries. And after only six days, Israel won the war and captured land, Jews throughout the world celebrated the great miracle that Hashem has done.

Since the beginning of 2019, Israel and Jews have been attacked by three terrorist supporters who sit in Congress. This verbal battle has not only escalated, but caused great chaos in Congress. And the end result has been as President Trump said, the Republican Party has now become the Party that supports Israel and the Jewish people to a much greater extent than the Democrats. And Congress does not have the power to shut those three up and kick them out for good.!!!!!!

But before I say to everyone Good Shabbat, I would like to leave you with this thought. In the 9/11 terrorist attacks, there was a leader named Mohammed Atta. I found the following from Wikipedia-

On April 11, 1996, Atta signed his last will and testament at the mosque, officially declaring his Muslim beliefs and giving 18 instructions regarding his burial.this was the day that Israel attacked Lebanon in Operation Grapes of Wrath, which outraged Atta. Signing the will, “offering his life” was Atta’s response.

All of the terrorists had to learn how to fly and also it took many years to coordinate such an attack. So Atta along with those others spent many years planning this out. And finally when all the pieces of the puzzle were in place, out of the blue, America was under attack without any warning.

But I say today we have many warnings that America is currently under attack, and it’s easy to see the reason with all the anti-Semitism, shootings, verbal threats that are currently being experienced in America. This has originally started from Omar herself. Now I want to ask, why would Omar who is a newly elected Congresswoman suddenly attack Jews and Israel, if she is looking to improve her image to her voters? If she was wishing to make the people of her district want to support herself, then it does not make sense why she is talking against the many Jews and Israel supporters who live there?

But if she is working behind the scenes with a leader who shares those same values, and together they want to cause trouble for Jews and Israel then it does make sense.!!   I also want to point out that the terrorist recruiting center in Minneapolis which she obviously helped to create is something she supports and that’s why she is not doing anything to stop it. If my analysis is correct then I want to know why Keith Ellison suddenly resigned from his seat in Congress to allow Omar to take over.

Ellison has been quiet throughout this whole time, not criticizing Omar for her speeches. It would seem therefore that Ellison may have even played a role in training Omar for her new position, and when the time was right, Omar began attacking Israel and the Jews.

There are a few stories from the past that makes Ellison a very suspicious character. Please keep this in mind.

And to those Jews who support Omar and her friends, if you do not know who Omar is or what she represents, I again let you see her arrest in 2013-

I also want to remind any Omar supporter that she has not denied she is a supporter of terrorism. Yasser Arafat, Hitler Y”S and all of those like and before them also are supporters. To supporters of terrorism, a Jew is someone who does not belong on the face of the earth. So with this in mind, why would any Jew even think of supporting Omar and her friends. It is beyond belief.

We as Jews and all supporters of freedom should now become more aware of what is taking place and join the call to oust the Three Terrorist Stooges in Congress  as soon as possible.

May we all have a safe and restful Shabbat.







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