First scientific evidence to show that the biblical prophets were divinely inspired

In my recent book, entitled Seven Bible Wonders — Beyond Belief, I produce the first scientific evidence from the Bible to show that the prophets were divinely inspired. The evidence reveals that the biblical writers recorded the orbits of the planets, which cannot be seen without telescopes and modern technology. How did they acquire such advanced knowledge of the heavens? Such information would have been held as divinely sacred and the preserve of the elite. The findings show that the writers re-packaged the facts and figures and recorded them in disguise obviously to safeguard them for posterity.  Their true  values escaped detection for thousands of years?

The new information will change our whole understanding of the Bible for it shows that some of the writers were gifted mathematicians and sophisticated astronomers. No longer are we relying solely on the written word for the evidence is in the language of science a medium that is more convincing than the vagaries and interpretations of the written word. This should be music to the churches whose flocks have dwindled in recent decades and the evidence is so compelling that the clergy will have to reconsider the traditional outlook.

For those of you who are skeptical about my research findings I will send you a free copy of the book and you can get the details checked and tested but I can assure you they will stand up to scrutiny.

My website address is and my email address is on the website. So send me an e mail and I will attach the e book by return.  The offer lasts till December 31, 2017.

Looking forward to hearing from you and also to your comments below.


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Michael Hearns is retired from Independent Newspapers in Dublin where he managed their telecommunications requirements. He holds a BA degree in HRM and also City & Guilds in Telecommunications engineering. He also attended biblical lectures at Trinity College Dublin.
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