5 reasons why Obama blinked

Reason one: Mr. Obama does not like Israel. He ignored all the internal organic uprising opportunities to defeat Assad and Khamenei because, and this is my personal opinion, Mr. Obama does not care much if evil taunts the Israelis. How else to explain supporting freedom for the Libyan people with US power and money, but not the Syrians or the Iranians. Indirectly, of course, the Syrian people have become victims paying the highest price for the Obama policies.

Reason two: Some 150 officials who previously worked in the Obama Administration are now high-powered lobbyists. Just think about the tens of millions of Dollars Arab countries will spend hiring these ex-officials to lobby Congress in the coming two weeks. The President may want his loyal troops to benefit financially from the crisis.

Reason three: Mr. Obama fears the reputation his legacy will leave behind more than anything else. The delay over decisions are intentional aimed at minimizing the risks associated with the responsibilities of the job. Syria is off his plate for at least two weeks and the sigh of relief Washington heard was deafening. After blinking on Syria, the President went golfing.

Reason four: Mr. Obama believes countries like Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Syria have legitimate grievances against America’s might. He is, therefore, reluctant to punish these countries for any wrong. Shocked as he may have been over gassing of Syrian children and women – I believe it is a genuine shock – he still cannot bring himself to discount their grievances over America’s past policies.

Reason five: Mr. Obama wants to limit the power of the American military. Engaging with Assad may pose a threat to his goals if anything goes wrong and he realizes the degradation of the US military he instituted might stain his legacy because of underperformance. Anything to avoid facing that dilemma, including the excuse, should Congress not vote for the measure to strike Syria, to avoid using the military.

Because Mr. Obama is seen as a blinker, Assad’s 11-year old son Hafez began taunting him on Facebook. Baschar al-Assad is training his son to be a savage like his father. The little fart cannot even write.

Any more reasons why regime change and holding Assad accountable for his crimes are our only options? Unless you want the 11-year old Assad to be taunting our grandchildren when he is 80-years old in 2082.