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Five Us brings the showroom concept to Tel Aviv

When the owner of Five Us Shlomi Rahimi, who started at the bottom of the ladder, ironing clothes in the fashion industry 20 years ago, opened his fashion business, he brought to Israel a new brand concept: small scale collections in multiple colors that goes to selected boutiques with a main showroom.

The concept of a showroom is not new, but for some reason we don’t see it much in Israel, and there’s a good reason to have one – not only that it carries the entire collection, it goes with a free styling service!

Shlomi says he picked the number five as a lucky number and that the fashion was created from his love and passion to women and fashion. His aim is to make clothes that fit older and younger women at the same time and in all sizes and figures. Five Us clothes are comfortable and can be wore all day and evening – they are multi-purpose.

Five Us’ collection comes in small quantities. The designer’s studio is tucked behind the showroom (one can peek there when at the showroom). The brand collection is characterized by high quality fabrics combined with handmade elements with a unique and personal touch, including some unique dyeing techniques.

The fabrics from which the clothes are made are viscose, cotton and natural fibers; they are comfortable and stretchy to wear at maximal comfort. They come in a variety of colors: red, mustard, green, silver, metallic, greenish, grayish and metallic white with combinations of patterns such as stripes, abstract geometrical patterns, squares, unique stitching, abrasions, applications etc. They are one size but surprisingly fit many women. The clothes are multi-purpose and with a jacket or a complementing accessory they are upgraded form casual wear into evening attire.

Photo: Heli Friedman

The collection is available at leading boutiques in Israel and in Five Us showroom.

Five Us, Panorama house, 84 Ben Zvi rd., Tel Aviv, 03-6825575

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