In a valueless British society, the Foreign Office aligns itself with the Pogroms of the summer

Shocking. Alarming. Astonishing…. and so forth.

These superlatives adorned the scores of reports which made their way across international mainstream media this summer with regard to the activities of hundreds of thousands of violent hooligans that came out in force across several major European cities during the most recent offensive by Hamas.

“Death to the Jews”, “Kill the Jews”, “Zionists burn in Hell”, “Hitler was right”, were among the ubiquitous placards held up by university students, professionals, mothers and fathers, and what Europeans would deem to be a cross section of society.. except that we all know that this is not the case, is it?

The vast majority of these wreckers of law and order, some of whom carried out violent attacks on Jewish children, shouted for infants to get in the gas chambers, wrecked shops and restaurants along with many other serious crimes, had one thing in common. They were Muslims, with a few leftist supporters of the Muslim cause in tow.

This, of course is not new. Neither is it shocking, alarming or astonishing. Such comments which ensued in the news and on various forums were clearly made by cowardly bystanders who have spent the last 50 years in socialist Europe, paralyzed by their own circumstances and resultant apathy.

The particular point of interest here is how on earth it can be legal in supposedly Western nations such as England, France, Scotland, Belgium, Holland and Germany, to conduct this type of pogrom en masse.

On this basis, I wrote to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, with a detailed letter, first of all pointing out to him what exactly has appeared in the land over which he presides, in case the reality yet again evades him.

British political correctness and censorship has led to a nation of zombies of all ages and professions, including those in senior government positions.

Britain, along with many other European nations, has become home to a populace which neither knows nor cares of its fate, occupies its time watching aimless television shows, intentionally not conducting any form of research or learning, and with most members of society intentionally not standing on their own two feet.

My question to Mr. Cameron was twofold; firstly, I demanded his plans to combat these hundreds of thousands of violent monsters wishing to murder the Jews, and secondly, his explanation as to why Hamas flags had been erected over government buildings across the country, in “solidarity” with an Islamic terrorist organization intent on murdering every non-Muslim and destroying the nations which such infidels have built.

The answer is clear to any right thinking human being. The correct answer is that all organizers would be severely punished, and then removed from society by being jailed, or if an immigrant, being sent back to the Islamic nation from whence they came.

The answer which ensued from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, however, did not feature either of these very simple solutions. Instead, no mention of the behavior of hundreds of thousands of British Muslims and their supporters inciting genocide, rioting, destroying property, or the news reporters and editorials pillorying the Jewish people and Israel. Quite the opposite infact. The very first paragraph detailed that Israel is occupying Palestine and that the British government will do whatever it can to end the “occupation”. Quite what occupation is a mystery, when considering that Gaza is not occupied by any nation at all, and is totally under Hamas control, whom its people elected democratically.

The letter went on to explain that Britain urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to effectively go easy on Hamas and not take too harsh an action, despite the Hamas being an illegal, Islamic terror organization wishing to destroy every non-Muslim in the world.

Shocking. Alarming. Astonishing….. and so forth… This time, such superlatives are applicable, as this was an official response from an official Western government, which clearly does not know history, has not read the Hamas charter, and does not understand what Jihad means, and also appears to favor primitive, violent wishes to eradicate western society. Britain, along with many Western European nations has imported the third world wholesale onto its shores, with it bringing the destructive effect that Islam has wherever it exists in numbers.

At the same time, the indigenous population of Britain has become weak. 50 years of socialism and secularism has eroded everything of any value whatsoever from their society, and has turned even the so-called educated into spoon-fed zombies. During the 1990s, many universities were created from colleges, and teenagers lost the ability to self-learn. They were spoonfed very low level courses, meanwhile pumped full of anti-western ideologies whilst their empty parents sat back and thought their children were geniuses without understanding what their knowledge really consisted of. The European way of today is to talk about the weather, not face anything head on, change the subject, and never do anything which furthers society or innovates.

The leaders of Britain and other European nations are inexperienced and full of irrational and baseless ideologies such as handing out welfare to all and sundry, and brainwashing youths whose weak parents did not provide them with solid principles at home. Where is David Cameron’s senior military position across several nations? Where is his steerage of a major multinational company to fortune on the board of directors? Where is his deep understanding of how to manage crises and turn them around as per Winston Churchill? Non-existant. Instead, like so many European middle-class leftists, his career consists of school, a non-descript university course and then public office.

A continent of once innovative leaders and righteous family men has become a continent of apathetic welfare dependents whose children are not getting married, whose youth is dwindling and whose next generation will consist primarily of Muslims (70% of urban children under the age of 10 are Muslim) with a few products of unmarried mothers scattered by the wayside.

Very few people, including those at the very top of society, take the effort to learn anything of any value, instead concerning themselves with their entitlements and their widescreen televisions that they will never pay for, and live in fear of the government, to whom they have outsourced all of their responsibilities, which in turn have been replaced by rights. Tax credits, welfare, free this, that and the other, subsidized this that and the other, and still they are improvident and dependent until their last days on earth.

As a result of this, who is there to blame? Who to blame for the total demise of an entire nation, the shallowness and emptiness of its society and its broken families? The only way these degenerates can vent their anger is against western society, as they wrongly hold the conservative western way of life responsible for their failings, and their arrival at retirement age with no money despite working all of their lives, their childrens’ lack of future, the fact that industrial decline has set in, poverty is impending and rebellion is rampant among all.

For this reason, equality and fairness has replaced right and wrong. The Jewish people are often successful, provident and have very good families, leading to another prosperous generation which can sustain and further society. Since 1948, Israel has embodied this ethos, being a leader in pretty much every field possible, despite being a new nation which is the subject of racism from the entire world.

Whilst the European banks collapse, British women in their mid 30s take welfare to support the children that they had out of wedlock, illiteracy and innumeracy accelerates and society decays despite Britain being a long-established, highly populated nation of resources and plenty, tiny, resourceless Israel has more NASDAQ listed companies than all of Europe combined, invents medical, computer and cellphone technology, leads the world in agriculture, very little crime, no gangs, no hooligans, has the second highest educated population on earth (after Canada) and whose children are an inspiration in behavior, leading to a healthy future. For our children, Israel provides the absolute perfect childhood.

This is not fair, is it? The Muslims do not have all of these successes, and only 2,000 Palestinian terrorists (and their families) died, whilst only a few Israeli soldiers who were upholding the security of the entire west died. That’s not fair, is it? Hamas does not have the Iron Dome, or sophisticated strategic systems which make Israel such a safe place to live. That’s not fair, is it?

What are they ENTITLED to?

On this basis, whilst the enfeebled, misguided and downright uneducated British government minister who responded to my letter did not answer my initial question, he did so by proxy. The reality is that the British government agrees with the anti-Israel protests and violence, and the hundreds of thousands of citizens vying for the death of Jews, and the downfall of America and Israel.

The adage that everything trickles down from the top is most certainly applicable here. The British government consists of infantile senior figures, from whom this kind of behavior one should come to expect.

The very worst part of all of this is that many Jewish people living in the diaspora have also become accustomed to this unsustainable, shallow and empty way of thinking that they are now subservient to their masters and are pretending not to be Jewish, trying to change the subject, trying to appease and embrace “multiculturalism” whatever that may be, and are trotting out phrases that it is ok to be unmarried, it is ok to be entitled to all kinds of things, yet it is not ok to stand proud and defend against evil whilst prospering.

If asked why they hold this view, they will have no idea.

It is high time for a complete exodus from those lands, and into a free, dignified and safe future.

About the Author
Andrew Saks-McLeod is a professional journalist, born in the UK in 1976, with 23 years industry experience in the high technology sector. He is a regular speaker on technological matters on TV.
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