Forget WMD

WMD’s are a commodity that kill directly but which is hard to trace, account for, or contain. As Saddam shipped to Assad, Assad will ship to Iran, and Iran will ship to Russia. We are all chasing our tails.

Western leaders need to concentrate on removing violent men who use WMD or threaten their use because they are human rights abusers of the first order. We are failing in Syria because it was a case of another WMD threat, not about human rights abuses, which cannot be spirited away in secret containers to some other country and is far easier to define and prove given so many organizations work on human rights issues and the international laws in place.

We ignored the 100,000 killed by Assad and concentrated on 1,426 gassed. That was the wrong tactical move.

It should be about Syrian children and women, not the WMD that killed them.