Former Trump supporter on Obamagate: It’s Bull$hit

I am a former Trump supporter. In my journey I’ve learned a lot of what conservative pundits say about liberal values, Democratic officials, Muslims, LBGT, Black Lives Matter has been debunked when I decided to take a chance at dialogue. I ask myself why have I never thought of researching for the facts outside of the right-wing propaganda for many years? I was pretty hateful towards the groups of people I’ve mentioned, and the biggest thing I’ve learned is to not take a pundit’s word for it. Reason why I am bringing this up, President Trump has been sending out unhinged tweets past couple of days full of conspiracy theories about President Obama giving it the title “Obamagate”.

Trump really is, does things to distract people from his failures, like the coronavirus pandemic. He knew about the virus 70 days prior before acting on it. That has resulted in over 80,000 deaths, and over a million people tested positive for COVID-19. What better way to get people off this subject is to tweet about how Democrats and the media are the “enemy of the people”?

What is Obamagate? According to MAGA, Obama is a part of the Deep State government that’s trying to destroy America from the inside. What’s it really about? Lots of conspiracies were really made up during Obama’s presidency. Thanks to conservative propaganda, and key board warriors, they have instilled fear which turns to hate. They can’t say how, exactly, but many believe their rights are still being violated because Obama was president, so America could possibly lose its freedom.

It goes back to the birther lie that, since Obama was the first black presidential nominee, he must have been a Muslim from Kenya. During his presidency, these conspiracy theorists would make up stories that Obama was in cahoots with Muslim terrorists’ organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinians, he created ISIS, why wouldn’t he call out any form of terror to be an Islamic terror attack?  Conservative media used Obama’s Iran deal to make conservatives fear for their lives.

Conservatives created the idea that there is a “Deep State” government in the United States controlled by George Soros.  Obama – elected and re-elected president was somehow carrying out the destruction of America.

There’s more:  when Obama was meeting with the Russian ambassador; the mic was still hot so people heard Obama telling Russia that he would promise them more flexibility if he won reelection. After looking for more context than I got from conservative media, I’ve learned the full context of what he said which was about a treaty that the United States and Russia put together.

This nonsense is tested as memes, Facebook posts and Tweets.  If they work, if they go viral, they are talked about on conservative podcasts. Eventually right-wing propaganda outlets like Breitbart, Judicial Watch, the Federalist and others actually publish conspiracy theories as if they have any objective reality. They don’t.

The dangers of these conspiracy theories can influence a person in picking the wrong candidate to be president. I believed all of these conspiracy theories which helped me decide to vote for Trump, and it helped built Trump’s base over the years. Being encouraged for dialogue eventually led to my world view change, everything that I was taught and been told as a conservative was wrong. The main reason I realize why Obamagate existed was to undermine the progress that President Obama has done for our country.

After seeing who Trump really is, an opportunist conman. He is using what conservative Americans fear to distract the American people. He promised his base he would lock up the Deep State during his campaign. That promise helped him get elected. He is repeating the promise, trying to get reelected. The memes, Facebook posts, Tweets – are all false. Proven wrong.  Like him or not, what President Obama did in office was diplomatic, maintaining neutrality to keep America safe.

About the Author
David Weissman was born in New York and served in the US Army for 13 years, with two deployments to Afghanistan. He is a former Republican and left MAGA and ended his support for Trump. He joined the Democratic party now fighting for the rights of others.