Four Amazing Menorahs from Around the World

The symbol of Hanukkah, the menorah, is significant in many ways. It represents the triumph of Judaism, miracles that God has performed, and keeps us warm during the winter months. For generations and generations, and across all corners of the world, the menorah has been a symbol of faith and hope for Jews everywhere. Which is why we’re kicking off the 25 days of Kislev with this symbol of light, of hope.

1. Thought to have originated in Italy, this one of a kind menorah is garnished with the headgear of a soldier from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Read more about this unique menorah here.


2. A testament to the strength of English Jewry, the Lindo Lamp was created by John Ruslen, a British silversmith, in 1709. The menorah was commissioned in honor of Elias Lindo and Rachel Lopes Ferreira’s marriage. Continue to learn the history of this menorah, and how the Jewish Museum of London acquired it here.


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3. Currently on display at the Jewish Museum of New York, this Dutch menorah dates back to the 19th Century. The intricate designs were popular decoration for menorahs in the Netherlands. Learn more here.


Image credit: The Jewish Museum

4. Also housed by the Jewish Museum of New York, this American menorah stands out with its abstract nature. Explore this snazzy piece of art here.

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Image credit: The Jewish Museum

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