Fox News Mideast analyst lauds Israel in keynote address

“Where there’s hunger, where there’s sickness, there’s no divide, no religion, no politics,” Fox News Mideast analyst Lisa Daftari said in a keynote speech to a packed audience in Los Angeles last week.

Daftari, who also covers counterterrorism and foreign policy for Fox News, was invited to speak at the Hadassah Hospital gala, where she recounted her coverage of the region including the civil war in Syria, the rogue behavior of the Iranian regime and the Israel/Gaza conflict this past summer.

Israel treats more than 200,000 Palestinian patients annually, Daftari said, and since the advent of the Syrian civil war where over 300,000 civilians have been brutally murdered by their own, Israel has come to the aid of many Syrians, she said.

“The IDF has even set up small field hospitals near the Israel/Syria border to treat injured Syrians” Daftari said, noting that Israel, which does not have a peace treaty with Syria, has acted purely on humanitarian grounds.

This past summer, Daftari won critical acclaim for her coverage of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, calling out celebrities for their hypocritical condemnation of Israel’s military offensive aimed at stemming Hamas rocket fire against Israeli civilians, as well as groundbreaking interviews with every day Palestinians living in Gaza who blamed Hamas as the “enemy” instead of Israel.

“From ISIS to Hamas, celebrities in Hollywood to leaders in the White House, Israel has never faced so many challenges,” Daftari said to the audience, pointing to the past year’s headlines and increased global scrutiny directed at Israel.

“Maybe your children are not on the front lines fighting for Israel, but every time there is news of Syrians and Palestinians being treated at Hadassah, that is your important contribution in helping Israel bridge the divide,” Daftari said. “By supporting Hadassah, it’s not just a physical building, a hospital, machinery, or doctors. It’s also a political statement…and a human one.”

Highlighting a single particular distinction of Hadassah, Daftari noted that in addition to treating Palestinians and Syrians, the only Arab bone marrow registry in the world is based at Hadassah Hospital.
“At every turn the people of Israel, the Jews of the Bible, the Jews of ancient and modern history were tested, but the one gift, the biggest blessing that the people of Israel possess is resiliency,” Daftari said.
“The Jewish people bounce back time and again showing the world that although they be may tested, they will never be the victim. Jewish people move on. They forgive. They forget. They prefer to grow than to be held down by hate, by resent, by the burden of revenge,” she said.

Daftari concluded, “You are helping to show that the supporters of Israel, in every corner of the globe, will always hold humanity above hate.”

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