Freedom of speech and Jews; victims of fascism

The ghastly Nordic neo-Nazi movement (Nordic Resistance Movement, NRM, Swedish: Nordiska motståndsrörelsen; NMR), with the legal permission of the police, expressed their hatred of the Jews on Yom Kippur Day, and the politicians of these countries still did not condemn this heinous move, and additionally Oslo police magistrate called it freedom of expression!

The news agencies of these countries, which have major roles, are in complete silence like their governments, and there is no mention of this heinous and disgusting act.

Of course, it is understandable that the news outlets of these countries are intensely engaged in negative propaganda against the candidacy of the US President, ignoring the problems of their own societies allowing growth of anti-Semitic and Islamist movement in these countries. They are not willing to condemn anti-Semitism in practice.

As can be seen from the response of the Oslo police magistrate and the group’s anti-Semitic work, another holocaust will soon be seen as a result of this so-called freedom of expression and actions of NRM (Swedish: NMR) in these countries. Unfortunately, this could be a reality, if the appropriate actions are not taken by the governments and these hideous movements along with the Islamist are not stopped.

Who are NRM (Swedish: NMR): It is a neo-Nazi movement established in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, and also has members in Iceland. It has also been described as a terrorist organization due to their aim of abolishing democracy along with their paramilitary activities, weapons supplies and connections to banned terrorist organizations such as the Russian Imperial Movement.

In 2016, the Nordic Resistance Movement was formed, with separate affiliates in Sweden, Finland, and Norway; a Danish affiliate was later disbanded. The Nordic Resistance Movement advocates an immediate stop to what they call mass immigration to the Scandinavian countries, and repatriation of people that are not of Northern European or of closely related descent. It also advocates Nordic self-sufficiency and withdrawal from the European Union. Thankfully, Nordic Resistance Movement has been banned in Finland since 2019 (Source; Wikipedia).

We hope that the international organizations and the United Nations will take immediate action and warn the governments of these countries to prevent this racist and anti-Semitic groups further expanding. There is a need for these repulsive acts to be condemned and stopped before it is too late. Let these governments be held accountable for their inaction against these barbaric acts.

About the Author
Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.
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