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Freedom of Speech? No, pure Judeophobia.

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Liz Magill is the president of the University of Pennsylvania, one of America’s most prestigious universities and a member of the Ivy League. She was testifying before the American Congress, along with the presidents of Harvard and MIT, Claudine Gay, and Sally Kornbluth, about the protests that took place in those schools, where students preached the extermination of Jews and persecuted Jews on campus.

When asked if inciting Jews to genocide violated her university’s code of conduct, she, like the others, replied, “It depends on the context.” On the other hand, he stated: “It will be considered harassment or abuse if the incitement leaves speech and becomes an attitude.” Unbelievable statement from the president of one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

When incitement to genocide becomes an attitude, it is no longer a matter of harassment or abuse; we will be witnessing a genocidal act de facto, an actual act of mass murder.

One of the allegations for the tenacity of educational establishments with students who incite to the death of Jews and spread hatred in the university environment is that there is a fine line between freedom of expression and the abuse or harassment of minorities such as Jews, particularly those who study at universities.

That is a fictitious dilemma. These three aforementioned universities are private institutions with statutes and codes of conduct, just as there are on the social network platforms.

Freedom of expression implies that everyone has the right to express himself, but it also implies not agreeing, not supporting, not funding, and not giving space to those whose ideas, speeches, and attitudes we disagree with. So, it is not about censorship here. It is the right to suppress from our own property those who challenge our moral principles, ethical values, and political ideals.

When universities do not prohibit or punish their students for inciting violence against specific social groups in society, whether they are homosexual, Black, or Jewish, they are agreeing with the hate speech and violent acts without question.

We lose civilization when a private institution does not prohibit incitement to extreme violence, such as genocide, the most serious of all acts against humanity. When the target is a Black individual, it is genocide-based on racism. When the target is a homosexual individual, it is a genocide-based homophobia. When the target is a Jew, it is a genocide-based on antisemitism.

If you want to know why antisemitism spread all over the universities in the USA and even abroad, do not forget to follow the money.

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Roberto Rachewsky was born in 1955, in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. His great-grandparents came from Bessarabia (Moldova and Ukraine), fleeing the pogroms of Tsar Nicholas II. Belonging to a family of traders, Roberto is the owner of an international logistics company and is an active supporter of laisse-faire capitalism for which he co-founded several institutions to spread the ideas of freedom. He recently published the book "The Greek, the Friar and the Heroine", which deals with the philosophical connection between Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and Ayn Rand.
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