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Friendship נetween Israel and Republic of Turkey

The Republic of Turkey was the first Muslim majority nation to recognize the State of Israel. For many years, Israel and Turkey have maintained strategic, military cooperation.

This poem/song is a tribute to the people of Turkey. Hopefully, this song will spark a dialogue that will improve relations between these great nations.

Turkey: Nation of God

Beyond all power and might

We seek what is true and right

Like a star shining in the night

God Almighty is our only light


The Holy Quran is the key

To the soul of the Republic of Turkey

Open your eyes and see

The truth that sets you free


The Seal of the Prophets is true

Bringing holy laws for me and you

Freedom for the many and the few

Making our hearts pure and new


Turkey is a nation bright like the sun

Proclaiming that God is one

Planting truth just like a seed

Uniting the world with true Tawheed*


For truth is what our nation desires

God lights our way like the hottest fires

Our nation is democratic and free

And God loves the Republic of Turkey

The End

(Tawheed refers to the absolute oneness of God)

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