From Ben Gurion to the Light Rail, Obama Shows His True Colors

Following the depraved car attack and murder of a 3-month old infant (a US citizen) near the Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem light rail train station, the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem described the beastly attack as an ordinary “traffic accident.” Paradoxically, the State Department then ordered its personnel to refrain from using the light rail in certain parts of Jerusalem for a period of 30 days after which time the ban would be reviewed.

Despite all the evidence, including multiple surveillance videos showing that the driver was in complete control of his vehicle and deliberately careened his car into a crowd of unsuspecting pedestrians, the consulate, taking cue from the State Department, absurdly decided to transform a palpable terrorist attack into a mundane traffic accident.

If in fact it was a traffic accident, why then did the State Department order a 30-day ban on light rail usage? This paradox presents us with some very troubling conclusions that reek of malevolence.

Quite obviously, the State Department knows that this was a terror attack in its purest form. It was random, indiscriminate and designed to sow fear, panic and maximum casualties. Quite obviously, the terrorist was motivated by blood lust and incited by the Palestinian Authority whose TV, internet and radio broadcasts (funded by EU and US tax dollars) spew forth a steady diet of anti-Semitic venom. But for the State Department to acknowledge this as a terror attack is to acknowledge that the Palestinians are capable of acting with utmost brutality and depravity and this is a narrative that the State Department wishes to ignore and deep six.

By the same token, the Obama administration desires to undermine Israel at every turn and uses the vast bureaucratic tools at its disposal to carry out this pernicious goal. Hence, it bans its personnel from using the light rail as a way to weaken confidence in the light rail and thus challenge, however subtly, Israel’s sovereignty over its capital. We witnessed similar methodology from the Obama administration during Israel’s summer offensive against the genocidal, ISIS-like Hamas organization when the FAA, almost certainly under Obama’s direction, issued an absurd travel ban on Ben Gurion airport.

There is no airport in the world that is safer than Ben Gurion but that misses the point. The purpose of the ban as many have speculated had nothing to do with security and everything to do with hurting Israeli interests under the guise of securing the safety of American citizens. If security of US citizens was paramount in Obama’s mind, why then did he not ban travel flights to and from West Africa, when the likelihood of an Ebola pandemic in the US was palpable?

It would not have been palatable for Obama to overtly attack Israel, one of America’s closest allies, while it was in the midst fighting a genocidal foe so Obama had to concoct other, more subtle methods to inflict damage. Bipartisan pressure and public outrage forced a quick reversal of the idiotic FAA directive but the damage – Hamas claimed it was victorious because of the ban – was done and the message Obama was sending was clear – I can hurt you Israel even if congress and the America people support you.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu and others have pointed out, what is also readily apparent is that the light rail terror attack was a direct result of Palestinian incitement and not just incitement from expected quarters like Hamas but also from Mahmoud Abbas’s “moderate” Palestinian authority who hailed the baby killer as a hero and a martyr. But then again, the Palestinians have a long and disgraceful history of lauding those who in the West would be locked up in institutions for the criminally insane.

Of course, Obama & company will sweep these inconvenient indiscretions under the rug and continue to strong-arm Israel into making ludicrous concessions to a depraved enemy for empty promises and vague assurances.  But so long as Obama continues to pursue a misguided and convoluted policy of distancing allies and appeasing Holocaust deniers, peace will be nothing more than another Obama pipe dream.

About the Author
Ari Lieberman is an attorney and former prosecutor. He has authored several articles covering political and military issues concerning Israel, the United States and the Mideast at large.