From London to Iran: A Laptop’s Odyssey

It seems that people should be careful what they steal, or what they buy.

While checking my twitter feed something caught my eye, it was this re-tweet from good old Amir Mizroch:

I just had to click through and see what was going on, it turned out to be one of the better decisions I had made that day.

It turns out that after his flat was broken into and some of his possessions were stolen a guy called ‘Dom’ was able to trace his laptop as soon as the thief/new owner connected to the internet.

Imagine his surprise to discover that over the course of a seven week period his laptop had been on a fantastic voyage from London’s Holloway Road to down town Tehran the very heart of George Bush’s axis of evil!

Not only did Dom know where the laptop was but he was able to take pictures of the people using it via the computer’s own webcam, he could also see what music they were listening to on itunes. He has even been able to gather that Iranians play Jenga and has a picture to prove it!

What does all this mean about the state of play between Iran and the rest of the world? Absolutely nothing!

Does it say anything about life in the evil empire? Not particularly.

Is reading the post a fine and humorous way to spend 5 minutes? Absolutely!

Check it out at Dom’s Laptop is in Iran


About the Author
Marc Goldberg is a copywriter and avid blogger, author of Beyond the Green Line the story of fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada in the IDF Paratroopers