From Selma to Jerusalem: The Obama Narrative

The recent celebration of spirit and accomplishment in Selma, Alabama, including President Barak Obama, government officials, African American leadership, and people of good faith and heart from all corners of American society, solidifies the unshakable values held by Americans of all persuasions. Regardless of race, religion, color, or ethnic background, the events marked a major milestone in the long tortuous history of struggle for equality in America’s history. It was a victory of spirit, not just a shallow façade covering centuries of in-equality, repression, and often violent treatment of our fellow human beings.

There is no doubt as to the genuine victory of good over evil.

There is still a long way to go, as anyone would tell you, but the road to full equality and tolerance is pointed in the right direction. Such victories as this come with a price, however; as racial violence and hatred still mar the American landscape from Ferguson to Cleveland. Mr. Obama understands this as do most Americans of all persuasions.

The President is celebrating something else here that is less obvious. A social and political narrative that he learned from his father. In Barak Obama’s book, “Dreams From My Father”, is a tell all philosophy that identifies his thinking process. His father taught him a simple idea: that there is no such thing as a ‘bad kid’ or a ‘good kid’. They are just ‘kids’. When approached from this perspective, the narrative went a long way toward moral equivalency, and helped clean up the streets of Chicago where the President, in his early days, converted street gangs to basketball players in church basements, and instilled the liberal view of social equivalency to great success.

It was this philosophy that got him elected, first in Illinois, and eventually, the White House. It is a cornerstone of liberal thought. A narrative of egalitarian ideals of peace and tolerance, and a correct one, by the way, of human endeavor and progress. It helped to win him the leadership of America, and even the Nobel Peace Prize. But this seemingly benign thought process is flawed.

There is no doubt that Barak Obama views this mind set as a tool for global peace. I have no doubt that the President is a man of good intensions, and has a good heart. Based on what I have said so far, few would disagree. But it must be pointed out that geo-political structure is far different than the neighborhoods near Comiskey Park.  It is far more complex.

A progressive liberal narrative simply exasperates simmering issues. Especially where Israel and the Middle East are concerned.  This approach is a shocking insult to a great ally and an encouragement to extremism. It has only served to empower vicious terrorists and delegitimize Israel as a nation state. Mr. Obama’s attitude is not just his personal dislike of Benjamin Netanyahu, but, rather, a distain for the very concept of Israel. To paraphrase his book, “there is no such thing as a bad person or a good person, they are just people.” In the utopian world of egalitarian thought, everyone is equal. As a result, Hamas and other Palestinian groups are visualized as victims, and Israeli civilians are of less consequence.

What’s a few dead Jews if we can bring social justice to millions of perceived victims.

Progressive liberal thought wants the replacement of Israel with a ‘Palestine’ where Jews can live in peace as a minority. Assimilated, like America, or absorbed like the EU. It worked in Chicago, right?  Progressive liberals wish to even the playing field. The idea that ‘everyone is the same’ is the call to equality. But there is something important missing from this equation. The Palestinians want a state of their own….OK….but….guess what….they HAVEN”T EARNED IT!  Israel earned its way to statehood, the Palestinians have not. I won’t go into a long list of Israel’s accomplishments and innovation.  I won’t talk about cherry tomatoes or computer flash drives, or apps for your iPhone. But let’s be honest…what has Palestine given the world….besides terrorism and misery? They have brought this on themselves with unparalleled hatred and immaturity.

Bibi Netanyahu is correct in not giving in to liberal calls for the creation of Palestine. His re-election rhetoric may have been poorly expressed, and it does sound racist when referring to ‘Arabs voting in large numbers’.  But the simple truth is sound. The Palestinians are not ready, and the liberals trying to level the playing field don’t get that. You don’t DEMAND a new country by killing Israelis, rocketing cities, disseminating hate in grade schools, and  publically stating that the West Bank and Gaza are just starting points for eventual capture of Tel Aviv. The liberals don’t get that, nor do they want to.

What’s a few dead Jews if we can bring social justice.

Liberalism, like Mr. Obama, and the western media, ignores the presence of 40,000 trained terrorists. It ignores the 50,000 estimated rockets held by Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon. It turns a blind eye to the violent hate by an immature Iran.  For true Liberalism to succeed it must deflate the global influence of Israel and the Jewish community and other entrenched cultures. It must make everyone equal.  The possible disappearance of Israel’s 6.5 million Jews is immaterial to its goal of equality and social justice. ‘Peace’ means giving up not just Jerusalem, but Tel Aviv, Be’er Sheva and Haifa. No doubt the Palestinians want peace….so does Mr. Obama. But only under the above scenario.

‘I have Israel’s back” he has said.  This is but a thin façade in front of true liberalism. Liberalism is anti-Israel.  Anti-Israel is anti- Semitism! Liberals don’t seem to think this is true. The murder of Jews in a Paris deli was ‘just a random act on some folks getting a sandwich’.  Couldn’t possibly be anti- Semitism could it! Unbelievably contrary to their very principles, liberalism is a destructive force to all cultural traditions, not just the Jewish community. Liberalism must level the playing field. It can’t tell the ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys’. It doesn’t want to.

Liberalism in the egalitarian sense cannot fully succeed without the deflation of the global Jewish community, and the elimination of Israel. When the Jews go, the rest will follow, or so it is believed. Then we can all hold hands across the world and sing Kumbya. Mr. Obama has not grown  up from his days in Chicago, and does not care who the ‘good guys’ are, or the ‘bad guys’.  If the liberals want to celebrate the justice of Selma, they will need to re-evaluate their own narrative. They must stop denigrating Israel just to elevate people who don’t deserve it yet. America needs to lead the way and frankly tell the Palestinians to grow up.  Tel them ‘if you keep acting like this…you got nothing coming!’ Tell them that they have to work for their state in a mature way. Then…and only then…can they be the ‘good guys’ too. Mr. Obama cannot do this because he is a liberal, and he cannot see this. What he will do is continue to reduce Israel and elevate the terrorists to egalitarian moral equivalency. An election victory by Mr. Herzog would have made no difference.  Hamas, therefore, can continue to do whatever it wants without condemnation from America.

Israel is not without American help, however. Iron Dome funding and Hellfire missiles for defense are part of a complex relationship of understanding between the US and Israel involving security agencies, the militaries of both nations, and it will always trump whomever is in the White House.  This must infuriate the President to no end.  But he can make things as difficult as possible, and he does, on a regular basis. There seems to be no remorse of any real consequence when Israeli civilians die under a hail of mortars from Gaza, save a few carefully chosen words ‘condemning the violence’.

What’s a few dead Jews if we can have quiet.

The true victory of Selma, or Jerusalem, can only be realized when the ‘good guys’ win.  Win with the unshakable values of cultural strength.

About the Author
Mitch is currently retired and an adjunct instructor at Western Iowa Technical Community College Sioux City Iowa USA.
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