G-d’s Master Plan: Noach נח, Lech Lecha לך לך, Shoftim שופטים – US Election 2020


This US Election appears to be a combination of parts of three Parshas – Noach, Lech Lecha and Shoftim all rolled into one.

The official Election date of November 3 fell only a few days after Parshat Lech Lecha was read. But because it was feared chaos would result at the polls due to COVID-19, this resulted in Polls opening much earlier than normal to give everyone a chance to vote. In many cases, this included the previous week of Parshat Noach.

Parshat Noach

נח = Rest or Relax

The most common usage of this Hebrew word is to rest or relax. A person is in a relaxed mood or state when there are no threats of any kind that he is faced with or is worried about. G-d was obviously upset with the robbery that was taking place on earth. And this led to Hashem’s decision to send the flood. With the latest Election results still not declaring a winner as I am writing this Blog on Thursday afternoon Israeli time, it feels like we are all on Noach’s Ark waiting for results, not knowing when all the winners will be declared.

חמס – Hamas = Robbery

Robbery or Hamas as it is spelled in Hebrew and appears in the Torah, is the exact reason why Hashem brought the Flood upon the earth according to many commentaries. It is important to note that these commentaries say sin is something that begins privately but eventually people lose their shame and it becomes the accepted norm in public. Doesn’t that seem to fit what we have been witnessing these past few years in the towns and cities across America and many parts of the world?

Parshat Lech Lecha                                                                                                                                      

Hashem told Avraham to leave his home and relatives for his own good.                                                          Sometimes change is difficult to make but in this case Hashem knew what would be best for Avraham.

Hashem’s Warnings And Predictions To Noach And Avraham Can Happen To Us All.

Hashem’s warnings continued the same pattern as that which took place in Parshat Bareishis when he warned against eating from the Tree Of Knowledge.

In fact, when we think about it, Hashem is constantly providing us warnings many times in our daily lives. A pain in any part of our body signals potential trouble and it is necessary to see a doctor or dentist to check it out.

But pain is not always an indicator of bad times ahead. Childbirth and having a Bris for a newborn boy are obvious examples. There are many others as well. We just have to realize we are placed here on earth to make the world a better place to live and therefore I have learned to realize that Hashem does things for our own good whether we realize it or not.

The Timing Of The Election – Parshas Lech Lecha And Shoftim

Lech Lecha in Hebrew has a similar pattern to the many two-word phrases appearing in Parshat Shoftim and this suggests a strong relationship between the two Parshas-

Lech Lecha – לך לך

Shoftim – In The Parsha –  Ch. 16 – צדק צדק

                                               Ch. 17 דם לדם, דין לדין, נגע לנגע     

                In The Haftorah – אנכי אנכי, התעוררי התעוררי, עורי עורי, סורו סורו   

But The Most Important Relationship In My Opinion Are The First Two Words In Each Parsha-


Lech Lecha –לך לך           And             Shoftim – שופטים – Judges  &   Shotrim – שוטרים – Police


This Is The Message I Am Getting From All Of This-

The Minnesota DFL Party, which is essentially Minnesota’s version of the national Democratic Party, was one of the first to introduce the idea of defunding the Minneapolis Police Department after the death of George Floyd who also was 46 years old, which a number that continues to appear.

That has led to massive support across the nation to defund police departments in a vast number of major cities. It also has led to increased gang violence, shootings, killings and of course robberies – Hamas חמס as mentioned above.

In addition, there is a possibility that the Democrats want to change the structure of the Supreme Court which would clearly may have a major impact on the US Judicial System.

Therefore it is very important that you watch developments over the next few days, especially if Joe Biden is elected President. This will open the door for a rise of lawlessness which could be much worse than what we all witnessed during the past year.

If that becomes a reality, then a further rise in Anti-Semitism will most likely follow close behind.

When the Nazis murdered 6 million Jews, Israel did not exist and there was no place for the Jews to run.

Now Israel has turned 72 and it is a completely different story.

Perhaps the timing of these elections right after Parshat Lech Lecha was intended to wake us all up to the reality American Jews face during the coming years.

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Born and raised in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park. Married to a South African, we lived in Johannesburg from 1979 to 1996. Made Aliyah with our seven children on Parshat Lech Lecha. BSB Accounting Degree from the University of Minnesota. Investment Portfolio Manager /Fundamental And Technical Analyst. Wrote in-depth research on companies, markets, commodities for leading financial publications. Served in the US Army Reserves Semi Retired spending quality time with my wife, children, grandchildren and attend Kollel while analyzing current events as they relate to Torah and Mitzvahs.
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