G-d’s Master Plan – Part IV – The 9/11 Attack – Rules And Laws That Never Changed But Must


There will be a nationally televised NCAA football game on ABC from Minneapolis this Shabbat which will feature two unbeaten teams – Penn State vs. Minnesota. The AP and Coaches Poll both have Penn State ranked 5th in the nation and the Gophers are ranked 13th.

Those numbers ring a bell, when looking back at this recently completed World Series. I pointed out that Alex Bregman had made a speech at his Bar Mitzvah when he reached 13 years old, while Kurt Suzuki was having his “Bar Mitzvah” in the World Series after playing for 13 years in Major League Baseball.

This week, Kurt Suzuki along with his Washington Nationals teammates were invited to the White House, and President Trump called Suzuki to the microphone and gave him a hug after Suzuki put on a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap. He wasn’t the most prominent player there but Trump singled him out. Trump remembered the dramatic 3 run homer Suzuki hit in Sept. against the Mets at home, which finished a 7 run 9th inning comeback and 11-10 Nats victory, after the Mets scored 5 in the top of the 9th.

So combined with his home run that began the rally in the 7th inning of the Second game of the World Series, off of none other than Justin Verlander, Kurt Suzuki has in fact become a true hero in Trump’s eyes. The MAGA cap also helped.

Suzuki’s dramatic homer in Nationals Park brings back memories of that dramatic homer in 1965, which Harmon Killebrew hit in Metropolitan Stadium in the bottom of the ninth, also off a NY team, named the Yankees.

It was shortly before the All-Star break, and the Twins were down by a run with a man on base when Harmon stepped to the plate. The homer was a typical Killebrew high fly ball and the Yankee outfielder leaped over the fence with an outstretched glove, and when he looked inside it was empty. The homer sent Twins fans into a frenzy and was an indication that the Twins would have a good chance to reach the 1965 World Series which, of course, they did.

Penn State’s number 5 ranking suggests a tie in with Alex Bregman. In a Jewish Telegraphic Article by Gabe Friedman on October 30, he points out that it was Bregman’s fifth in a World Series, setting the all-time record for most World Series home runs by a third baseman. In addition, it was his third homer of this year’s Series, which also made him the youngest American League player to hit three in a Fall Classic  since Mickey Mantle in 1956.

Back To The College Football Polls

But going back to the Poll Rankings I spoke about earlier, and the 1961 Rose Bowl game featured in my previous Blog, I want to make a few strong statements.

The final AP Poll was released on November 29,[1] at the end of the 1960 regular season, over a month before the major bowls.The Final Coaches Poll was released November 29. Here is what both of those Polls said as per Wikipedia-

AP Poll-

  1. Minnesota
  2. Mississippi
  3. Iowa
  4. Navy
  5. Missouri
  6. Washington
  7. Arkansas
  8. Ohio State
  9. Alabama
  10. Duke
  11. Kansas
  12. Baylor
  13. Auburn
  14. Yale
  15. Michigan State
  16. Penn State
  17. New Mexico State
  18. Florida
  19. Purdue
  20. Syracuse

Final Coaches Poll-

1.Minnesota  2. Iowa  3. Mississippi 4. Missouri 5. Washington 6. Navy 7. Arkansas 8. Ohio State 9. Kansas 10. Alabama 11. Baylor 12. Duke  13. Michigan State  14. Auburn 15. Purdue 16. Florida   17. Texas  18. Yale  19. New Mexico State 20. Tennessee

Some observations-

In 1960, Minnesota was ranked first and Mississippi was ranked second in both the AP Poll and the Coaches’ Poll. As mentioned in the previous Blog, Minnesota lost in the Rose Bowl. However, Mississippi was the winner in the Sugar Bowl.

Since the final polls were released on November 29, they were the final rankings and remained in force no matter the outcome of the Bowl games. I did see that Mississippi was given a share of the title at a later stage.

Iowa, was ranked second and third in the Coaches and AP polls respectively. Other Big Ten schools – Ohio State, Michigan State and Purdue – ranked in the top 20. However, other than Minnesota, no other Big Ten schools appeared in any of the remaining Bowl games that year due to the rules that were in force at that time.

Needless to say, that had to change in a big way, and of course as we all now know, a number of Big Ten schools will be making their appearance in Bowl games this year. Along with many other schools to fill the slots offered from all the Bowl games that will be played.

So I want to repeat again, the current rank of Penn State is number 5 in both polls, and Minnesota is ranked number 13. Therefore if you add both numbers, you arrive at 18. Or the same anniversary related to our most deadliest terrorist attack on American soil in US history.

The Airline Industry Before And After The 9/11 Attacks


After the September 11 attacks, questions were raised regarding the effectiveness of airport security at the time, as all 19 hijackers involved in 9/11 managed to pass existing checkpoints and board the airplanes without incident. In the months and years following September 11, 2001, security at many airports worldwide was escalated to deter similar terrorist plots.

Improved security screening

On September 11, hijackers Khalid al-MihdharMajed MoqedNawaf al-Hazmi and Salem al-Hazmi all set off the metal detector. Despite being scanned with a hand-held detector, the hijackers were passed through. Security camera footage later showed some hijackers had what appeared to be box cutters clipped to their back pockets.[4] Box cutters and similar small knives were allowed on board certain aircraft at the time.

Airport checkpoint screening has been significantly tightened since 2001, and security personnel are more thoroughly trained to detect weapons or explosives.

Identification checks

On September 11, some hijackers lacked proper identification, yet they were allowed to board due to being on domestic aircraft. After 9/11, all passengers 18 years or older must now have valid, government-issued identification in order to fly

Improved security on aircraft

Cockpit doors on many aircraft are reinforced and bulletproof to prevent unauthorized access.[3] Passengers are now prohibited from entering the cockpit during flight. Some aircraft are also equipped with CCTV cameras, so the pilots can monitor cabin activity. Pilots are now allowed to carry firearms, but they must be trained and licensed. In the U.S., more air marshals have been placed on flights to improve security.

Israeli Airport Security

If you have ever flown on El Al or been in Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, you will discover that you are subject to a more stringent security system than you will most probably find anywhere else in the world. Both Ben Gurion and El Al are considered among the most safest airport and airlines. I heard many stories that after the 9/11 attack there was a large increase in demand for El Al flights.

US Congress Security Before And After 9/11

The US Capitol Building

It was pointed out previously that the US Capitol was the most likely target of Flight 93. The passengers and crew are the heroes of Flight 93, and their courage and the “Let’s Roll” shout and signal before attacking the hijackers will forever be etched in the memories of all of us. It is those brave crew and passengers that US Congress owe an everlasting debt of gratitude to on that fateful day for saving many lives within that building not to mention the building itself.

So how has security in and around the US Capitol Building been improved? That is a question I will leave to the Security Services operating on the premises to answer.

Members of Congress

Validity Of Identification Documents for US Congress Members

I am unaware of any problem related to Congress Members with the exception of Omar.

There is ample evidence to suggest Omar is not her real name, which places the validity of all her documentation in question.

If this is a remote possibility, this information must be investigated and she must not be allowed back into her seat until further notice.

By allowing Omar to remain in Congress is no different than pre-9/11 when all hijackers were allowed on planes without valid ID’s.

Procedure to Expel A Congress Member

The current impeachment hearing taking place behind closed doors against President Trump must only continue under the condition that a similar hearing take place related to the investigation of Omar.

Congress has expelled members before and it should consider doing so in Omar’s case given all the evidence against her. I have said this many times before and I want to repeat it again.

There is no excuse for not doing so.

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