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G-d’s Master Plan – Part X – John Lewis’ “Second” Speech, Prophet Isaiah ישעיה , Shabbat Chazon


John Lewis’ March On Washington speech he gave was in actuality the second speech he had written. The original speech he intended to give was leaked to the press shortly before he was due to deliver it. It was thought to be too fiery to present to the crowds.  Lewis was summoned to a meeting with the march’s leaders and urged to tone down certain elements. Out of respect for leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Lewis edited the speech and delivered the second version of that speech before the massive crowd assembled in Washington DC next to the Lincoln Memorial and prior to Martin Luther King delivering his “I Have A Dream Speech”.

So Hashem caused CT Vivian and John Lewis to pass away on the week leading up to Shabbat Chazon, which takes place before Tisha B Av. CT Vivian is scheduled to be buried on Thursday and funeral plans for John Lewis are expected to be announced Friday.

Shabbat Chazon Implied In John Lewis’ Speech

Shabbat Chazon Is a time when we all must realize that some of the major reasons for the destruction of the Holy Temples were corruption, bribery and not having compassion for our fellow human being among others. In order to repent for these sins, it was necessary to reverse the forces of evil that had taken hold of the Jewish people who ignored all the good G-d had done for them. Unfortunately that did not happen.

The Jews would go into exile which allowed Hashem to punish the wicked for their sins, and the righteous would eventually achieve the days of redemption. This is what will bring about the coming of Moshiach.

In the final version of John Lewis’ speech, in the final paragraph, he said the following-

“By the forces of our demands, our determination and our numbers, we shall send a desegregated South into a thousand pieces, put them together in the image of G-d and Democracy. We must say wake up America, wake up. For we cannot stop, and we will not and cannot be patient”.

Shabbat Chazon Begins A Series Of Eight Haftorahs From The Prophet Isaiah

Just like the above quote from John Lewis’ speech, the Prophet Isaiah describes in these Haftorahs the concept of the Jews being scattered by the powerful Assyrian Army which conquered the Northern Kingdom and scattered the Jews around the Assyrian Kingdom so that they would lose their identity. Then the Assyrian ruler moved against Judah and Isaiah prophesied their army would be destroyed.

The Haftorah for Devorim comes from the first chapter of Isaiah and dwells upon the underlying reasons for the destruction of the Holy Temples, land and Jerusalem. This period is meant for us to examine our own actions.

We Must Examine Why Our Ancestors Were Forced Into Exile Twice  

It seems we have always needed this period during the Three Weeks to re-examine our actions during the year to see how we can improve ourselves with respect to the treatment of our fellow human being and also to strengthen our relationship with G-d. T here is always room for improvement and if we don’t put into practice what we are capable of doing with regard to serving G-d to the best of our abilities then we need to be reminded over and over again until our actions and attitude change.

Perhaps That Is One Of The Reasons For The Refusal Of The Coronavirus To Vanish

Just like during the time of the destruction of the Two Holy Temples, not only our people, but  now all human beings have been placed in danger by not one but two waves of this dangerous virus which is refusing to go away. No human being is immune and it seems G-d is sending a strong message to all of us that he is very upset at the moment and we all must look at ways to improve our behavior.

At the same time it appears to me that certain countries and individuals are getting or are about to be getting G-d’s wrath such as the mysterious explosions that have plagued Iran and that deserves further discussion in upcoming Blogs.

Shabbat Shalom

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