G-d’s Master Plan – XIII – Two Prophetic Phrases – One Came True On Tisha B’Av, The Second One Depends On Us




Accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future.

 The definition above seems to accurately describe two phrases spoken by two different people-

Phrase One –

During the riots immediately following the death of George Floyd, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms told protesters to “Go Home, Go Home”. Eventually they did, but in reality, it turns out that she was really speaking to John Lewis, who returned to Atlanta for the very last time to be honored at his funeral on Tisha B’ Av.

John Lewis made Atlanta his home and that is where he died on the same day as did fellow Civil Rights giant CT Vivian on the same day and the same city. And as I pointed out in my previous Blog, history does repeat itself with the passing of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson also on the same day.

Phrase Two

This phrase was also in the same pattern as Phrase One above which contained a double two-word phrase. This phrase was actually said by John Lewis himself during his March On Washington speech.

As I pointed out previously, Lewis had to revise his speech before he delivered it to the massive crowd. In the original speech, the last sentence read – “And I say to you, wake up America”.

But after Lewis revised it, the relevant part of that speech was changed to read as follows- “We must say, wake up America, wake up!

Considering The Timing, We Should All “Wake Up, Wake Up” And Realize John Lewis Was Speaking To All Of Us

These words have special meaning, because in the first version of his speech, Lewis mentioned the phrase “Wake Up’ only once, but in the second version, this phrase repeats itself.

Sixth Stanza in לכה דודי These Words Appear

Every Friday night we all daven to Hashem, and these words עורי עורי appear in the Prayer Lecha Dodi which mean “Wake Up, Wake Up”. Similar words התעוררי התעורריwith the same root also appear in the same stanza.  We should all pay special attention to these words while we are singing them together with all of our fellow Jews.

These Words Also Appear In The Haftorah For Parshat Shoftim

Isaiah 51:17 contains the words התעוררי התעוררי  while Isaiah 52:1 contains עורי עורי. We will be reading Shoftim in approximately three weeks on August 22.

This Haftorah is read as part of a series of seven referring to the destruction of Jerusalem and giving us confidence that Jerusalem will be restored to its former glory. It is also intended to send us a strong message that it is a principle of our faith Moshiach can come at any time. We must all now “Wake Up, Wake Up” and realize it.

Having just gone through a full fast day of Tisha B’ Av we should feel thankful to G-d for all we have. And we should never forget the pain and torture all our fellow Jews have suffered at the hands of our enemies.

Hence those words from John Lewis should have more meaning for us now-


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