G-d’s Master Plan – XLIX – The Number 46 (מו) Comes Out Of Hiding Again Just In Time For You To Vote


A Reminder-

On October 26, I previously discussed the first two of three two-letter combinations derived from נחמו which can be broken up as follows-

נח & חמ & מו  –

We will now concentrate once again on the letter combination of מו

And I want to relate this to that tornado at the end of the Serious Man movie which never took place. Let’s go back two years to 1965, when the Twin Cities suffered from a major tornado outbreak which did not include St. Louis Park-

1965  Twin Cities Tornadoes

The Early May 1965 tornado outbreak[nb 1][nb 2] was a major severe weather event that affected much of the Central United States on May 5–8, 1965. For four consecutive days, tornado outbreaks produced at least three significant (F2+) tornadoes each day, and at least two violent (F4–F5) tornadoes on three of the four days. The entire sequence generated 37 significant tornadoes, including at least nine violent tornadoes, one of which was rated F5. On May 5, two F4s struck Iowa, including a long-tracked tornado family that injured 11 people. On May 6, an outbreak of six strong tornadoes, four of them violent F4s, affected Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and has been nicknamed “The Longest Night”, killing 13 people and causing major damages—at the time the most damaging single weather event in Minnesota history.[1][4] Three of the six tornadoes occurred on the ground simultaneously, and two of them hit the section of Minnesota State Highway 100 (now Interstate 694) and University Avenue in the city of Fridley.[5] Both Fridley tornadoes damaged 1,100 homes and destroyed about 425; total losses reached $14.5 million, $5 million of which was to the Fridley school system.

Please note the 2011 Tornado that originated in St. Louis Park also travelled to Fridley.


October 6, 1965


It would only be a few months after the tornados struck that Sandy Koufax refused to start the first game of Baseball’s World Series in Minnesota against the Twins because of Yom Kippur. The Baseball Hall of Fame has a very interesting article to which I have provided a link above.

And as a reminder of this event, G-d, in his infinite wisdom, arranged for Sandy’s team, the LA Dodgers to win this year’s World Series for the first time since 1988!!!!

The 46-Year Interval Between these Two Major Twin City Tornados As It Relates To These Elections

As mentioned before, if elected, Joe Biden would become the 46th US President. The Democratic Party that has now turned its back on Israel and therefore Biden would not be good for the Jewish State.

On January 20, 1965, the same year as those tornados and the refusal by Sandy Koufax to pitch on Yom Kippur, newly elected Democratic President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in.

Hubert H. Humphrey was given the oath as the U.S. Vice-President, which had been vacant since Johnson had been sworn in on November 22, 1963 after he took office following JFK’s assassination.

As I previously mentioned, the legacy of Hubert Humphrey has now vanished from the Democratic Party as well as the DFL Party in Minnesota which he helped to create.

The love of Israel that Humphrey had is gone… Humphrey was one of Israel’s greatest supporters.

Please remember that when you go to vote today and support President Trump who has made it his mission to be a strong Israel supporter.

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