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G-d’s Master Plan – XXII – Israel, UAE & The DNC


These Are Historic Times And The Democrats Just Aren’t Getting It

Speaker after speaker have appeared at the DNC telling us how terrible President Trump has been for the American people. But what I have not heard is how much better Joe Biden will be for Israel, given what some of those speakers have previously said about The Jewish State and our people.

It gives me little comfort to hear Jewish Senator Bernie Sanders and “Squad Member” AOC tell us nothing about what THEY and some of their colleagues will do to improve their views on the Jewish State when they have spent the past two years bashing Israel and its Government while standing behind the terrible values that the “Squad Members” clearly represent.

The BDS Movement has no place in America and neither does constant hatred the Palestinians have shown against our people. The Squad Members clearly share those values. There is no need to dwell on this subject, it has been all out in the open for the world to see, which resulted in the banning by Israel of half of the Squad members until this very day.

Going forward, if Joe Biden is elected, what will America’s relationship with Israel be?

Will Joe Biden be strong enough to bring back the Democratic value system instilled in all Democrats when Hubert H. Humphrey stood up in front of the DNC in 1948 bringing with him the strong platform of Civil Rights and the respect for Israel that President Truman showed after his re-election and the creation of the Jewish State that same year?

Or are we going to see the same Israel bashing that we have witnessed these past two years when the Squad made their debut in Congress?

The UAE – Israel Agreement marks A New Chapter In Israel-Arab Relations

There is no doubt about it that this historic agreement will place Bernie Sanders, The Squad and all of those that feel the same negative way about Israel in a difficult position.

If The UAE and possibly other Arab countries are now willing to come to the bargaining table with Israel, then isn’t it only a matter of time that the Palestinians will most likely be forced to do the same? With that in mind, Bernie Sanders and The Squad should therefore be working toward moving the Palestinians in the direction of eliminating terrorist threats against Israel while making certain all organized terrorist groups and individuals are brought to justice.

As things stand now, that does not seem to be on the Democratic agenda. Squad member Ilhan Omar provides the major reason. If Omar does not show any concern for the sharp rise in crime in her district, why should she care what goes on in Israel.

The June 16 Wake Up Call And 50-Year Cycle

June 16, 1976

In 1976, 200 years after America gained its Independence and the Entebbe Miracle Raid took place, there was another miracle taking place in South Africa on June 16 which I have spoken about before.  That event was known as the Soweto Riots which were organized by the Soweto schoolchildren to protest a new Government policy that prevented them from learning in their own native language.

The schoolchildren were credited with placing a small crack in the walls of Apartheid that day. Their actions started a movement demanding equality for blacks and whites.  And as the years went by, I was fortunate to witness the fall of Apartheid.

June 16, 2020

You may not have noticed it, but TOI ran two different stories on June 16 of this year which potentially have a similar theme to the Soweto Riots story appearing above.

But these two stories are related to two different women who have made it clear in the past their support for terrorists. And because both stories appear on the same day, we must pay special attention to future developments.

Story One – Progress In The Malki Roth Case

It appears the Trump Administration is now taking this case more seriously which hopefully will result in the Terrorist’s extradition to the US to face charges related to the Sbarro bombing in Jerusalem on August 9, 2001, only a few months before the 9/11 Attacks.

Story Two – Ilhan Omar’s father dies from COVID-19

I normally show sympathy for any human being who loses a parent, but in this case I will make an exception because of what terrible things she has said against America, Israel and my people.

In Conclusion

Israel is clearly being viewed in a more favorable light within the Arab world.

It seems a total turnaround has now taken place with the UAE Agreement for starters.

The 2020 US Presidential elections are important with regard to keeping the peace process going between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

Having two members of Congress currently being banned from entering Israel belonging to the Democratic Party is a quite frankly an embarrassment.

How long will it take for the Democrats to correct this problem?

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