G-d’s Master Plan – XXIV – Alan Dershowitz, HHH, Golda Meir And Her Words “Go Home”


Following my previous Blog, I had timed this writing to speak about Alan Dershowitz around the time of Parshat Shoftim, because according to many articles I have read, that was his Bar Mitzvah Parsha.

And since Dershowitz is such a strong believer in The US Constitution and Israel supporter, it is only appropriate that his Torah portion discusses the need for a strong Judicial System. But a Judicial System cannot function unless Law Enforcement is able to do its job properly, which is also included in Parshat Shoftim. Dershowitz as well as Hubert Humphrey were strong believers in the Judicial System. I think former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir felt the same way as well.

Following the DNC in Milwaukee when Hubert H. Humphrey was never mentioned, I wanted to include in this Blog a reference to the movie “A Woman Called Golda”. Actor Franklin Cover plays the part of Hubert Humphrey and since the movie is based on fact, it presents strong evidence of how much Hubert Humphrey admired Prime Minister Golda Meir and respected the Jewish people.

Hubert Humphrey – A Pioneer In The Fight For Civil Rights And Israel

Alan Dershowitz – A Pioneer In The Fight Against Apartheid And For Israel

My previous Blog contained a video which was taken at a ceremony for the unveiling of a statue in HHH”s honor. Within the video, President Clinton is invited to share a few thoughts and proceeds to explain why he felt one of the most important speeches Humphrey gave in his life, was at the 1948 Democratic National Convention regarding Civil Rights, because that helped tip the scales toward the Civil Rights Movement which led to the election of the first Black US President in history.

And may I add that it is questionable if the Civil Rights Act would have passed as quickly as it did had Hubert Humphrey not have made it the main theme of his 1948 Speech to the DNC.

I mentioned it before and I will say it again, that I feel the Democrats made a major mistake by not even giving Hubert H. Humphrey any credit for what he did during his lifetime for the Democratic Party and for his unwavering loyalty to all those involved with the Civil Rights movement.

Alan Dershowitz And His Role In The Fight Against Apartheid

When Alan Dershowitz’s name is mentioned, many names of former clients come to mind, and in some cases, it’s hard to understand why such a nice Jewish lawyer is getting involved with such individuals based on what they have been accused of doing.

The vast majority of those cases involved Americans but while doing research, I came across a very interesting United Press International article from February, 1986, which tells us the story of Dershowitz getting involved in the fight for the release of Nelson Mandela from a South African jail.

The article should appear if you click on the following link-

This took place ten years after the Soweto Riots.  And that picture which was taken during those riots of Hector Peterson’s lifeless body being carried through the Soweto streets with Peterson’s sister running alongside made worldwide headlines. The picture could have been seen by Alan Dershowitz and perhaps was one of many key factors that helped give Dershowitz the courage to help fight for Nelson Mandela’s release.

The Movie: “A Woman Called Golda” With Hebrew Sub-Titles – Part 2

I did not plan on making the following movie based on the life of Golda Meir as part of this Blog. But I could not resist this opportunity because of the many facts related to the current developments in America.

I encourage you to take time to watch the 2nd half of the Movie with your family to get a good idea of what challenges Golda Meir faced as she played a significant role in the creation of the State Of Israel.

You can view this film at the following link-

 The Final Words Said By Golda At A Gathering Celebrating The Future Peace Treaty With Egypt -“Go Home”

In the final minutes of the movie, or the 1 hour 35 minute mark, Golda played by Ingrid Bergman in her last film, is asked to speak at a dinner in the Knesset Building when Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was in Israel as part of the process which resulted in the signing of the Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt.

It was very late by the time she was asked to address the crowd after being introduced as the Mother of Israel, and so she made one of the shortest speeches of her life when she advised the crowd that it was late and my advice as a good mother, was to “Go Home”.

Those same words were said earlier this year by the Atlanta Mayor who also told the rioters to “Go Home, Go Home” following all the rioting and looting sparked by George Floyd’s killing.

After seeing the chaos in America and what took place at the DNC in Milwaukee this past week, if Golda was alive today, I am sure that her advice to all American Jews would be to “COME HOME TO ISRAEL” especially after no mention was made of her good friend Hubert H. Humphrey

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