G-d’s Master Plan – XXV – A Tribute To Terrorist Victim – Rabbi Shai Ohayon


This Can Happen To Any Israeli – And That’s Why We Must Stand Up Together As A Nation And Denounce The Palestinian Hatred Against Us All

It should be clear to all of us by now that despite the efforts by the Israelis to make peace with their Arab neighbors, the Palestinians prefer to continue to launch vicious terrorist attacks against our people. There is no better example than the terrorist attack that took place yesterday killing Rabbi Shai Ohayon in Petah Tikva.

“He was an excellent son-in-law, a good father to his children and a good husband to his wife. He was like a son to me,” Ohayon’s father-in-law Ofer Karaz told Hebrew media outlets.

“My wife Sara and I embrace the family, the wife and four children who were left today without a father. We will work to demolish the home of the terrorist and seek the most severe punishment,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted on Wednesday night.

“Our thoughts are with the Ohayon family, whose son Rabbi Shai was murdered by a despicable terrorist,” tweeted President Reuven Rivlin. “We have lost a man of Torah, a font of knowledge, a father of four children. The terrorist and his accomplices must face justice. Terror must not win. May his memory be a blessing.”

Rabbi Ohayon was buried in the early hours of Thursday at Petah Tikva’s Segula Cemetery.

Evyatar Cohen, Ohayon’s neighbor, said at the funeral, “He was a humble man, kind and quiet. It turns out there was a genius among us and we didn’t know

“Only now, after his murder, I found out that he passed exams to be a city rabbi. It’s a great loss to us as a neighborhood, and to the people of Israel,” Cohen said, according to the Ynet news site.

Rabbi Micha Halevy, the city of Petah Tikva’s head rabbi, said, “Today the nation of Israel knows who Rabbi Shai was. We ask Rabbi Shai to pray for all of us from above.”

MK Uriel Buso of the religious Shas party said, “The world was shocked by this terrible tragedy. In recent weeks we’ve discussed the subject of destroying terrorists’ homes. But I know that you would surely wave your hand and say that it would not help.”

Jews Concentrate On Comforting The Family Of The Victim When A Tragedy Such As This Happens, Not Taking Out Their Anger On Others

I have been here long enough to see how Israelis act when something as terrible as this happens to one of their family members. And I mean to say that all Israelis are members of one large family so when a tragedy like this happens to one family, it affects all families.

I did not know Rabbi Shai personally but as a grandfather, father and husband who has been blessed by Hashem, I felt it important to write this short message. I was shocked to hear this news as I am sure were all of you and it is important that we give Rabbi’s Shai’s family comfort to know that we as a nation are all thinking about them and grieving with them at this very difficult time.

Only Hashem knows why this had to happen but it must all be part of a vast eternal plan that one day we will all merit to understand.

To Rabbi Shai’s family, May Hashem Comfort You Amongst The Mourners Of Tzion And Yerushalayim

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