G-d’s Master Plan – XXVIII – Am Yisrael Chai – Iranian Anger Can’t Stop The UAE-Israel Agreement


I came across an article published on Ynet 09/01/09 titled – “Meaning of Am Yisrael Chai”. It was written by Rabbi Levi Brackman who wrote in his introduction the story about Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to Wannsee Villa in Berlin the place that the “Final Solution” for the destruction of Europe’s Jews was planned in 1942 by Adolf Hitler and leaders of the Third Reich. In the visitors book Netanyahu wrote three words in Hebrew and then translated them into English: “Am Yisrael Chai – The people of Israel live.”

You can view the above mentioned article at the link below-,7340,L-3769384,00.html

The most interesting sentence, in my opinion, contained in this article, appeared in the sub-heading which read as follows-

There is no doubt that we Jews will outlive the Islamic republic of Iran

This sub-heading applies even to today given the recent developments related to the expected signing of the UAE – Israel peace agreement.

The current Iranian Supreme leader and all of those before him have failed to understand that it is not the “Zionist agents”, as he puts it, who have caused this to happen, but G-d himself who is the primary force behind Israel’s survival.

The timing of the Beirut explosion coupled with the UAE- Israel Agreement should make it clear to the Iranian leader that all of his past threats to destroy the Jewish nation are nothing more than empty words which contain no validity.

His latest tirade is contained in an article which has appeared on TOI’s front page at the following link-

The Nazi Leader And His Whole Army Was Wiped Out Three Years After Planning The Final Solution

Though Nazi Germany possessed a superior army, better equipment and by far the best weapons at the outset, the British somehow managed to hold on until the U.S. entered the war after the Japanese bombed the American fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. After that, with Germany seriously weakened by its brutal clash with the Soviet Union in the East, U.S. military strength helped propel the Allies to victory.

As A Major Slap In The Face To The Iranian Leader, A Jewish Son-In-Law Of The US President Is Involved In Negotiations Leading Up To The UAE – Israeli Agreement

This must have been the final straw that moved the Iranian Leader to use such vicious language by calling Jared Kushner a “filthy Zionist agent.”

In addition, it was the US entering WWII around the same time that Hitler made his final solution which doomed the Nazis.

It therefore stands to reason that the Iranian people are becoming tired of living under a dictatorship which could result in the overthrow of the Supreme Iranian leader and all his followers similar to what took place in Lebanon following the Beirut explosion.

And that all was because the Iranian leader opened his mouth against Israel, America and a “filthy Zionist agent.”

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