G-d’s Master Plan – XXXI– Numbers 46 (4.6) And 33 (3.3): The 2020 US Presidential Election


Numbers 46 (4.6)

Number 4.6 was last year’s Richter Scale measurement for the Israeli earthquake felt also by Egypt, Jordan and Cyprus I have discussed before and by removing the decimal point we arrive at number 46 which has come up very often this past year.  The latest example refers to the terrorist who killed Rabbi Shai Ohayon.

The terrorist attack that took the life of Rabbi Shai Ohayon last month is a major tragedy that happens all too often here in Israel by Palestinian youth who have no regard for human life. And the Palestinians themselves continue to encourage such behavior instead of asking their people to respect the lives of others, especially when those other people are Israeli.

But in this case, the Palestinian who attacked Rabbi Shai Ohayon was nowhere near what could be described as a young person. The terrorist was 46 years old and a father of 6 children, who obviously did not appreciate the fact that he was given an Israeli work permit.  Instead of being grateful to Israel, he stabs and kills one of my fellow Israelis who leaves behind four young children and a grieving wife pregnant with their fifth child. This terrorist like all others, give little regard to the fact that his victim would be leaving a wife as a widow, and children fatherless, when he has children and a wife of his own.

If Israelis Would Kill Palestinians The Same Way, The World Would Not Be Silent

If Israelis would begin attacking Palestinians at random just like the Palestinian terrorists continuously do to Israelis, it would no doubt make world headlines, and the Palestinian supporters would be the first to let the world know. But when the Palestinian terrorists attack Israelis then it appears not many news organizations outside of Israel are interested in knowing.

That point was driven home in one of my recent Blogs where I pointed out that in a search of all major US TV networks regarding the killings this year of Israeli IDF soldier Amit Ben Y’Gal and Rabbi Shai Ohayon, I found no stories covering these two terrorist attacks.

Number 33 (3.3)

The recent August 4 Beirut explosion was so strong that its measurement on the Richter Scale equaled 3.3 according to reports at the time of the blast. Despite inefficient transmission of the shock waves into the ground,[c] the United States Geological Survey confirmed this measurement.  Specialists from the University of Sheffield estimated that the explosion was one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in history

By removing the decimal point, we arrive at the number 33. In my previous Blog I refer to Noor bin Ladin, the niece of the mastermind behind the 9/11 Attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. In the NY Post article I made reference to written a few days ago, it gives her age as 33.

Looking For A Meaning In All Of This

From the time the Israeli 4.6 earthquake took place, I felt there was a much deeper meaning behind all of this. And reading the NY Post article again as well as looking at other events that have taken place within the past year, I feel there is a hidden message which we all must pay attention to.

Noor bin Ladin is convinced that if Joe Biden is elected President then America is in danger of suffering another major terrorist attack similar to 9/11, which made NYC ground zero for this attack. 9/11  not only affected those families who lost loved ones that day, but also families who had loved ones hurt in that attack as well as the families of first responders who became sick from working in the toxic air resulting from the dust and debris of the collapsed buildings.

All Of Those Families Will Grieve Once Again At The Ceremony Marking The 19th Anniversary Of That Attack – But Not Ilhan Omar

Any American should have the decency to grieve with the families who lost loved ones during 9/11. Making statements referring to the terrorists who did this as “some people who did something” is totally unacceptable and no excuses for saying such words can erase the hurt those families must have felt when those words were said.

Even Noor bin Ladin realized how wrong Ilhan Omar was for saying this and instead of apologizing, Omar continues to try to unsatisfactorily explain why she said it.

More Facts Involving Number 46

Here are a few more observations-

George Floyd Was 46 When He Died

According to Wikipedia, George Perry Floyd Jr. (October 14, 1973 – May 25, 2020) was an African-American man killed during an arrest after a store clerk alleged he had passed a counterfeit $20 bill in Minneapolis. In 2014, he moved to the Minneapolis area, residing in the nearby suburb of St. Louis Park, and worked as a truck driver and bouncer.

Minneapolis Became Ground Zero For Nationwide Looting And Rioting Which Is Omar’s Territory

Omar failed to stop the violence in her district before George Floyd’s death so it stands to reason she would show little interest when dealing with this problem as it spread rapidly throughout the Fifth District after Floyd’s death.

If Biden Is Elected He Will Become The 46th US President

Since President Trump is the 45th President, if Joe Biden is elected he will become the 46th President. This is not a very good sign given the negative connotation that number currently represents. And perhaps it is not by chance that Noor bin Ladin gives her first interview to support this fact.


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