G-d’s Master Plan – XXXIII –  מי יחיה. ומי ימות.  9/11  


This 19th Anniversary of 9/11 represents the first completion of the 19 Year Cycle on the Hebrew calendar since that attack. September 11, 2001 corresponded to the 23rd day of Elul on the Jewish calendar. This year September 11 corresponds to the 22nd day of Elul. It is possible that every 19 years the Hebrew dates are sometimes one day off from the previous 19 year cycle.

The Rule For Saying Selichot

Where Rosh HaShannah falls on a Monday or Tuesday – then we begin reciting Selichot on the preceding Saturday night. In 2001, Rosh HaShannah fell on Tuesday, September 18 and therefore Selichot was first recited on the night of September 8.

As a result, on the day of the 9/11 Attack, it was an obligation of men to say Selichot before morning Shacharit prayers. In Israel, there are many Shuls that have a special Selichot minyan every weeknight so that in the morning only Shacharit has to be said. But I do remember when I was in the US, many Shuls would hold earlier Minyanim to daven Selichot and the Shacharit would follow.

I Heard Many Stories About Miracles That Took Place On The Morning Of 9/11

One story involved a group of men that all worked in the Twin Towers and needed to be at their desks before 9am. The usually would have enough men to make up a Minyan but on that day, only nine men showed up. After waiting for a while they began davening individually when suddenly an older man shows up who was looking for a Minyan to lead the davening because he had to say Kaddish.

So the other nine men were very happy to now have a Minyan to daven in but the clock was ticking and it became more of a challenge for each of them since the older man was davening very slowly. Finally they finished davening, which was within walking distance of the Twin Towers and they were getting very close when suddenly they heard an explosion, smelled the smoke and looked up to see that the plane had struck the building in the same place that all of the men worked.

I also heard many other stories that involved Minyans which davened Selichot first and therefore those men davening in those Minyans have G-d to thank because they were delayed from going to work in the Twin Towers that day which saved their lives.

It’s Now September 11, 2020, No Selichot

Because this year Rosh HaShannah falls on Shabbat, we will not be saying Selichot until Motzi Shabbat, September 12. Therefore for those people who were fortunate enough to be delayed before going to work on September 11, 2001, due to Selichot or any other reason, this clearly should be seen as a miracle. That is even more so when considering what would have happened if 9/11 was carried out this year instead of 2001, since there would have been no obligation to say Selichot this year.

The Number 46 Appears Again

I previously pointed out that the letters מו   which work out to the numerical value of 46 appear in the word meaning to comfort נחמו

Those two letters also appear in the phrase heading this Blog. That phrase is contained in the Yom Kippur prayer entitled ונתנה תוקף  where we proclaim the  holiness of Yom Kippur.

In the second paragraph of that prayer the phrase in the heading above appears which means – “Who Will Live And Who Will Die”. The Hebrew letters equaling 46 are contained in the Hebrew word meaning “to die”.

And in that same paragraph it mentions some of the forms of death – earthquake and fire. The Israeli earthquake measured 4.6 while the Beirut explosion resulted in an earthquake measure of 3.3 which was caused by fire.

And as I said in my last Blog, it may not be by chance that the 33 year old niece of the person responsible for the 9/11 attack is warning about a second 9/11 if Biden is re-elected.

This is obviously all in G-d’s Hands. But forces all of us to to pay attention to our behavior as we approach Yom Kippur – The Day Of Judgement.

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