G-d’s Master Plan – XXXVII – Testing The Newly Discovered “COVID-19 Cure”


There is nothing more alarming for a parent to hear that one of his or her children just tested positive for COVID-19. And yet those very words are what I experienced only a few hours before Yom Kippur was due to begin here in Israel.

I was helping my wife prepare our apartment for Yom Kippur when my wife informed me our son Dovid Pinchas Ben Leah who lives in Rechovot had phoned to give her the news. It was very difficult to process at the time why Hashem would choose Dovi to get this virus. After all, he is constantly involving himself in teaching younger Yeshiva boys, giving Daf Yomi shiurim and helping his wife with their three children as well as doing household chores that any caring husband would do.

You may remember that Dovi’s oldest child Simcha who I have previously written about was given only a 2 percent chance to survive because his diaphragm was not formed properly before birth. Therefore Dovi’s Rav advised him to say the book of tehillim with a Minyan at the Kever of the Chozon Ish and we also did so at the Kotel.

That thought came to me to organize such a Minyan but obviously it would be next to impossible now due to the tight restrictions we are all experiencing due to the spread of the Virus. So I decided to say the whole book of Tehillim when I had a break from Yom Kippur davening. But that was only part of the story.

Preparing The Cure Before The Ailment Strikes    

The heading of this paragraph describes a famous Torah concept that I experienced before Dovi tested positive for COVID-19 prior to Yom Kippur. In my case, a possible cure for Dovi’s condition appeared to be revealed to me a few days before Rosh Hashanah.

My wife showed me an article that appeared in the July 8 edition of Ami Living written by Jacqueline Curzon entitled The Silent Killer. Jacqueline writes about her battle with Pancreatic Cancer and the author notes that “Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and I, are still here, fighting and stubbornly refusing to give in”. Of course, that sentence was written in the present tense when the author wrote it, however you all know now that changed when RBG most likely passed away on the same day I was reading the article.

The Possible Discovery Of A New “COVID-19 Cure”

I was interested in reading this article because my wife pointed out Jacqueline, who lives in England, mentioned that she asked her Rav Michoel Fletcher what to do. Since I am still learning with Rav Fletcher during the morning along with other men as I have indicated in the past that jumped out at me.

But that was only the beginning because Rav Fletcher told Jacqueline to read the book Zera Shimshon. I had a strong feeling that I must also see what this book was about and asked Rav Fletcher where I could obtain a copy. Rav Fletcher immediately told me the author Rabbi Nachman Seltzer lives very close to my daughter Miriam and in the same building as one of the gentlemen I learn with named Yaakov, who found out that they had a spare copy of the latest edition volume 2 to sell me. My daughter went to pick it up and it was in my hands that same day.

Rabbi Seltzer takes selections from the Zera Shimshon written many years ago by Rav Shimshon Chaim Nachmani, who promises great blessings to those who learn his work. For me, the key phrase of the actual blessing is-

ועיניכם תראינה בנים בני בנים כשתלי זיתים סביב לשלחנכם חכמים ונבנים ובתים מלאים כל טוב

“Your eyes shall see children and children’s children, like olive shoots around your table, wise and astute. Your homes will be full of all good” 

COVID-19 And Eyes

It seems common knowledge that the most vulnerable parts of our bodies to COVID-19 are the mouth, nose and eyes. We are told to wear masks for our protection which cover the mouth and nose, but it seems optional if we want to protect our eyes because nearly all masks that are worn in public do not cover our eyes.

Therefore the mention of eyes in this Bracha above could be considered a perfect example of “Preparing The Cure Before The Ailment Strikes” as mentioned above. So therefore this could just be a hint that by learning Zera Shimshon with Dovi, that will protect our eyes as well and represent the ”vaccine” to cure his ailment.

My Conversation With Our Son Dovi Motzei Yom Kippur

I had heard that before Yom Kippur Dovi’s temperature had risen to 37.7 Celsius or 99.9 Fahrenheit and when I spoke to him after Yom Kippur it had risen further to 39. He was feeling weak and needed to lie down and rest.

I immediately told Dovi about Zara Shimshon and he willingly agreed to learn it with me. An added incentive I gave him was Rav Chaim Kanievsky speaks highly of this sefer according to Rabbi Seltzer. Since Dovi has been in learning all his life he has developed a wide network of friends in the Yeshiva world; a close relative of Rav Kanievsky is among them.

We spent an hour on the phone learning what the book said about his Bar Mitzvah parsha as well as other interesting stories I chose. I was totally amazed at the result because when we had finished our conversation Dovi not only got some of his strength back to allow him to sit up once again, but he even  had enough strength to get up and walk around.

He felt Mamish like a new person. I could even verify that fact by just comparing how he sounded at the end of our conversation with his tone of voice when he first answered the phone.

I truly believe that I have found a new “COVID-19 Vaccine” that is easy to administer and it doesn’t need FDA approval.

I heard a miracle on that phone and if you know of someone in urgent need of a “COVID-19 Cure” perhaps it is worth a try to look into obtaining Sefer Zara Shimshon from your local bookseller.

May We All Merit To Have A Good And Sweet Year Full Of Nachas, Bracha And Good Health

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