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Galloway gets boot from Holyrood

“Gorgeous George” is an ironic sobriquet for Respect MP George Galloway. Bilious, venomous, egregious and irksome, Galloway rushed to the defence of odious creep Julian Assange this week.

Assange, holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in Knightsbridge London, is awaiting extradition to Sweden where he faces sexual assault charges.

In a podcast monologue, Galloway rebuts claims of rape against Assange by two unnamed women in Sweden. His extrajudicial conclusion leaves Assange culpable of little more than sexual impoliteness.

Even taken at its worst, if the allegations made by these two women were true, 100 percent true, and even if a camera in the room captured them, they don’t constitute rape, at least not rape as anyone with any sense can possibly recognise it. And somebody has to say this.

Galloway claims that one of the women had consensual sex with Assange, but then:

woke up to him having sex with her again – something which can happen, you know


Some people believe that when you go to bed with somebody, take off your clothes, and have sex with them and then fall asleep, you’re already in the sex game with them.


It might be really bad manners not to have tapped her on the shoulder and said, ‘do you mind if I do it again?

Salma Yaqoob, Respect Party leader described Galloway’s comments as “deeply disappointing and wrong.” Yaqoob’s scorn was echoed by other anti-rape campaigners.

Galloway’s delusions further surfaced in his response to criticism on Twitter:

Oh how this ‘liberal’ chorus of Pavlovian reaction must delight the Pentagon!


Oh my, what a lot of ‘liberal’ useful idiots the Empire can count on. It’s about Wikileaks, stupid … !

Galloway’s apparent certainty of Assange’s victimisation and centrality in an imperialist plot orchestrated by the Pentagon says a lot for the stability of his thinking.

Scottish political magazine ‘Holyrood’ sacked Galloway as a columnist following his latest outburst. Holyrood are to be congratulated for taking a robust stance, but Galloway has ample patronage in far-left and Islamist circles to oxygenate his continued publicity.

No means no, and respect means respect is a collective Cri-de-Coeur originating from those outraged by Galloway‘s latest antics.

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Steve Nimmons is a writer, documentary photographer and visual artist based in Northern Ireland.