Game over or just beginning?

More dire warnings about boycotts, political and economic isolation and Israel taking the blame for any sudden collapse in the current round of peace talks. It seems that when it rains, it pours.

This may all be part of a concerted effort to persuade Israel to be more accommodating at the negotiating table. Or everyone may be sincere in cautioning Israel about its potential loss of status and its customary clout in world affairs. A breakdown in the present US-brokered discussions might well cause this to happen.

In any event, unless Israel just wants to tough things out, it stands in some need of a standby arrangement, a back-up plan if predictions like these start to materialise in the days up ahead. But what sort of scheme could convince a skeptical international audience that Israel is really serious about making peace with its Arab neighbours?

The best approach would be to go way over the top, throw down the ultimate challenge, take the biggest calculated risk ever and then see how that plays out to a waiting world.

There are times when matters just have to be pushed to their very limits and even beyond them; this game has to be thrown wide open and all bets allowed. Anything else is certain to reap very little reward.

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