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Gantz, Bibi – what happened?

Flag of Israel. (Wikimedia commons, unknown)

Referring to Lt. Gen. (res.) MK Benny Gantz, chairman of the Blue & White party’s blog post.

I know I’m late, maybe the last one on this. But what in the serious hell have you been up to these last few days? Yes – Israel needs a leadership. Yes – you had a majority, 61 seats. You could have made it. Instead you turned your 1.1 million voter base down, if we extend it a bit you also shredded 2 million other votes and flushed them down the drain.

And now, when you finally agree to sit in the same government with the man you promised to remove from Israels leadership once and for all – you do the complete opposite.

And even more – now you can’t agree on forming a government. So there was no government to lead Israel through the Corona. The only thing you agreed upon was having a record high per capita armada of ministers in the western world. If Israel even counts as a western world country any longer. By the way Israel has been handling itself quite well during this power-vacuum, maybe we should just stay in limbo. That seems to cause less harm and absolutely more determination and innovation in order to overcome a crisis piled upon another crisis.

By the way – don’t forget the East Jerusalemites. And COGAT don’t forget the arabs residing in the West Bank. They clearly sit in the same boat as all of us are. Take care of them as well. Or there will be another crisis piling up on the existing ones.

I will never understand the Knesset, it’s like a sandbox where politicians seems to either brag about how radical they are, or trying to win cheap points at cost of their opponent. Why is anyone even listening to them any longer? Are there anyone listening to them? I doubt. I don’t.

What I do care about though are every citizen of Israel. Everyone with a residency permit. And everyone who is subject to Israeli rule in the territories.

God, I’m so tired of you that when breaking news alerts pops up that mentions the Israeli election, Bibi, Gantz or UTJ I just swipe it away.

The ONLY thing this last election has made crystal clear is that in this Jewish state, there are over 2 million arabs. They vote – to Bibi’s big fear. They start grassroots movement and building bridges. They are an essential and necessary part of the health care system and the economy. The Joint List became the 3rd largest block for a reason. People are tired – they want to see social change, equality, a unified school system and stop the universal neglect of their cities, towns, villages and neighbourhoods. They are tired of being treated like shit and it needs to end. Just like with the ethiopians. Or any other minority that faces challenges.

Another thing that needs to change right now as well is the way people get married. Anyone should be able to get married at the local council office – set religious affiliations aside once and for all.

Move forward. Progress. Otherwise, we, as Israelis will be left in the wakewater behind that big luxurious cruise ship named “freedom, equality, rights and duties for all”. The EU will continue to bash us. The US – yes, a firm ally. But we can’t only rely on one country? Or some obscure banana republics like Uganda or Honduras (or was it Ecuador?). I don’t care. But it is about god damn time we, all together decide what we want to define us as.

The nation state bill told us how to define us. Widely critisized and a product of Bibi – shall his mantra loom over us for yet more decades to come?

Finally, The Joint List is comprised of several factions. Some of them does NOT belong in a government or even in the Knesset. The same could be applied to some hawkish rightists as well. They are not better in any way. And the chief hawk, Bibi – who warned that the Arabs are going out in droves to vote. Well guess what – that happened and it will continue to happen.

So set aside the past. You can’t change it. But you can make a better future.

Over and out with the ranting.

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