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Gaza 2.0

Three groups entered Israel to kill us: Hamas Commando units, Hamas fighters and Gazan civilians – most deadly and inhumane acts were the Gazan civilians who committed crimes against humanity. How can any person with a level mind think for one second think that these folks will not repeat their notorious crimes again. How can Israel’s Defense Minister think for a moment that Gaza can be governed by Gazans and/or an Arab body. This is insane – so many innocent people died. Our young brave soldiers gave their life and continue to do so. He’s eluding himself. So much blood was lost!

Gazans will never change. Look at the recent polls.

Israel cannot have Gazans, Palestinian Authority or any Arab body rule over Gazans who’ll just regroup and reorganize themselves to hurt us again. Even if we have a security buffer zone, certainly this can curtail potential problems, but how can you stop people whose aim is to seek our destruction. Believe me, they’ll find a way to obtain weapons.

Israel Defense Minister – Yoav Galant suggests the following solution for post-Gaza:

  1. Israel will coordinate and plan an oversight role in civil governance and be responsible for inspecting incoming goods.
  2. Gaza will have a multinational task force, led by the US in partnership with European and moderate Arab nations, who’ll take responsibility for running civil affairs and the economic rehabilitation of Gaza.
  3. Egypt, which is a “major actor” in the plan, will take responsibility for the main civilian border crossing into Gaza in coordination with Israel.
  4. The existing Palestinian administrative mechanisms will be maintained, provided that the relevant officials are not affiliated with Hamas.
  5. Local authorities that currently deal with sewage, electricity, water, and humanitarian aid distribution will continue to operate, in collaboration with the multinational task force.
  6. Israel will retain military control of the borders, and the right to take any military and security action necessary inside Gaza.
  7. Palestinian bodies will be in charge, of the condition and that there’ll be no hostile actions or threats against the State of Israel.
  8. The transfer of relief and welfare responsibilities away from UNRWA, which Israel regards as “hostile,” but that this would take time.

The UN peace keeping force in southern Lebanon was created to safeguard the buffer zone between Israel and the Litani River to avoid potential skirmishes between Israel and the Hezbollah. For a long time prior to the current War, they ran the other direction when they saw Hezbollah movement. They stand idle letting Hezbollah fire hundreds of rockets from the buffer zone into northern Israel. You call this protection? What a joke.

Since the start of the War on October 7th, the IDF discovered an array of arms depots and a sophisticated tunnel network, supposedly far superior to Hamas, in southern Lebanon. While Hizballah was planning terror missions, the UN Peacekeepers, dressed in their beautiful uniforms, drove expensive white Toyota Land Cruisers just to watch and observe. Great job UN!


How on earth can one think the UN could defend our interests capable to co-manage Gaza knowing their dismal results over the past 20 years in southern Lebanon. Gaza would be replica of southern Lebanon. Also, UNRWA in Gaza must be permanently closed. Instead of being neutral, the IDF discovered hidden rockets at the UNRWA building in Gaza used to shoot at Israel!

It’s clear that the UN has a thorn in their side against us. This is why out of all the many global atrocities going on, they manage to single out Israel passing countless resolutions against us. As of 2013, there were 45 sanctions against Israel. According to a Times of Israel article, the United Nations General Assembly passed more resolutions critical of Israel than all other nations combined in 2022.


Can you imagine the IDF interfacing with another faction running Gaza. This will turn into a total disaster and never work out. There’d be endless discussions and arguments about what to do or not to do, certainly not in our favor.

Smotrich and Ben-Gvir encourage voluntary emigration [of Gazans] and full [Israeli] security control including renewed settlement of the lands with Jews. Though this sounds farfetched, it poses a possible solution.

Without a doubt, one of the Islamic countries in Africa will welcome the Gazans with open arms.  Chad has already given the green light. There are 22 African countries where Islam is the majority religion. This is certainly a big enough area to absorb over 2 million Gazans.

Egypt and Jordan are certainly not stepping up to the plate. In fact, Egypt is erecting walls to ensure Gazans cannot cross into their country. This is a red flag. Why don’t they want to help their brethren? What happened to Arab unity? In fact, Gaza was part of Egypt for close to 20 years.

One Lebanese Chistian who spoke to the media about her life in Lebanon as a child exclaimed that once Lebanon let in the Palestinians it resulted in calamity and suffering. She lived in bomb shelters for years watching Lebanon disintegrate from the Switzerland of the Middle East to nothing more than a cesspool of hatred, despair, and destruction.

Better yet, let the rich Arab gulf countries take them. They certainly have plenty of empty barren lands and the resources. If not, why are they turning their back on the Gazans too? I guess all this media hype is nothing more than empty rhetoric but rather antisemitism at its best.

The only probable realistic solution is for Israel to have temporary control of Gaza until Israel finds a long-term reliable solution. Once that happens, then Israel can pass the baton. Until then, we’ll wait when and if the right moment appears.

When you look at all the possibilities, I just don’t see an incentive to rebuild post-War Gaza. My prediction is that if Gaza were redeveloped, in just a short period of time it would turn into another train wreck. Do you think they’ll maintain the infrastructure systems? You’re dreaming. They’ll milk the money until the can is dry then Gaza will be back to square one. Once money enters Gaza, the gangs will pilfer the money to plenish their pockets leaving crumbs for funding the intended project. Another nightmare ready to happen. Donor countries would be throwing good money after bad money.

Israel cannot bow down to international pressure from the US or anyone else. We must stand strong to protect our interests. Israel a mini superpower, being the most stable country in the Middle East is the backbone of stability in this region. It’s illogical to think that Western powers will turn their back on us even if they don’t agree with our decisions.

Hopefully, the Biden administration will be “yesterday’s newspaper” in November. G-d willing, Trump will be the new US President. He’ll stand tall with Israel who understands our foes who possesses the necessary character, stamina to create global stability not only in the Middle East but worldwide. Until then, Israel should take short-term interim steps.



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Ron Diller lives in Israel with his family of four children.
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