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Gaza: The End Game

Setting terms, not capitulating to Khamas’ terms

Accepting any Khamas term for a ceasefire, even one, will be a victory for Khamas and yet another capitulation by Israel. Israel can be gracious to Gazans only after an unconditional Khamas surrender and demilitarization.

Only when it is clearly an Israeli initiative, and not a Khamas demand, can Israel help Gaza without Khamas claiming credit and victory over a vanquished Israel

The suggestion by ynet op-ed Ben-Dror Yemini (Why Israel should accept Hamas’ terms) would snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory for 30 pieces of silver (namely, world opinion) from the misojudaic world. Such capitulation (to accept all of Khamas’ demands) would return the same old recycling of Khamas rearming, rethreatening and reattacking resulting in endless wars like those we’ve already experienced — except that each is more difficult for us than the last, until we finally lose.

The half-baked notion that NATO (or the UN, etc.) can be relied upon to demilitarize Gaza would ensure that they, according to their SOP (standard operating procedures), make no more than the usual, routine, symbolic gesture. Moreover, willingness to rely on the misojudaic world, replaying the same movie yet again, elicits great pity for such advocates who simply cannot grasp realities. The only way Gaza will be demilitarized is if Israel does it. Rather than deal with “Who is the war criminal here?”, capitulation to world opinion, coupled with terminal myopia, translates to imposing defeat on our grandchildren!!!

War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity

This time around, the IDF is working hand-in-glove with international lawyers advising what we can and cannot do according to international law. Israel is being meticulous not to make any operational decision, at any level, that would constitute a war crime or crime against humanity. What we need to do is press the war until Khamas unconditionally surrenders or is utterly defeated. Then we, unilaterally, DICTATE the terms, REQUIRING that Gaza remain demilitarized and drag every surviving Khamas leader, along with every rocket launching and tunnel-burrowing terrorist, to the ICC at The Hague and prosecute them to the hilt for war crimes and crimes against humanity for launching rockets on Israeli civilian populations and using attack tunnels to terrorize Israeli civilians. Thus, with absolute finality, we will have imposed recognition of Jewish Israel regarding our southwestern neighbors, and pinned the threat of aweful deterrence on the chests of our northern and eastern neighbors: Don’t mess with us ever again!!!

Building a Prosperous Gaza

Then there can be an enduring peace. Instead of capitulating to the terms of jihadist terrorists, ISRAEL can, unilaterally, gratuitously and humanitarian-ously not only grant, but help build open naval and air ports in Gaza; even competing with the rest of the world to invest in them and in a new, thriving and prosperous — friendly and peaceful — Gaza.

Breaking the mold

In this way, rather than setting us up for the next war, as Yemeni would, we can break that mold and form a new path with amazing potential to make the children of Avraham one of the primary world powers (along with the U.S., Brazil, Africa, Europe, Russia, India, China and Japan. Gaza can become the jewel in the centerpiece of the sign pointing the way to peace and unimagined prosperity for all children of Avraham in the Middle East.

Israeli Initiative, Not Capitulation to Khamas Terms

Only when it is clearly an Israeli initiative, and not a Khamas demand, can Israel help Gaza without Khamas claiming credit and victory over a vanquished Israel. Yemeni’s way talks about world opinion against Israel, then ignores his own conclusion. Capitulating to these things as requirements of Khamas would be a total victory for Khamas — glorious jihadi Khamas hero fighters forced weak and feeble Israel to capitulate and grant these things. Israel is a beaten and hollow shell that can now be eradicated from the Middle East. Yemeni would condemn us to the world concluding that the Khamas way is the only way.

UN Guilty of War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity

Interestingly, according to a UN statement of admission on 2014.07.23, UN employees responsible for storing weapons in UN schools, etc., transforming the UN schools, etc. into legitimate targets is a war crime and crime against humanity that endangered the lives of those taking shelter there. “By doing so, those responsible are turning schools into potential military targets, and endangering the lives of innocent children, UN employees working in such facilities and anyone using the UN schools as shelter.”

Each instance is a war crime and crime against humanity — by the UN!

Moreover, UN employees, knowing the missiles were destined to be launched indiscriminately on the Israeli civilian population, turned over those weapons to Khamas — yet another war crime and crime against humanity by UNRWA employees!

Ain’t that a revoltin’ turnout!?! The UN itself is guilty of misojudaism at the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity — and Israel MUST prosecute the UN on those charges, setting the record straight regarding world-wide, rampant misojudaism being, beyond acceptable, politically correct.

Perhaps this helps explain Moon’s submission to BB’s resolute remarks and demeanor. Until BB’s press conference with Sec. Moon, Israel has refused to engage in the “armchair cyberwar” being carried out on the internet for world opinion, which translates to the street as misojudaic riots to which the respective country leaders eventually capitulate for the easy way: condemn Israel again — Israeli Arabs and liberals even agree with the misojudaic allegations against Israel. So why shouldn’t they take the easy political way out? BB’s words to Sec. Moon, taking exception to world opinion assumptions, offers a point of change in basic direction of Israel’s, and Jews’, approach to opinion forming in confronting misojudaism globally. Our sons are dying for this in Gaza; don’t whine to me about your treasure, your new car or house or sending your child to a fine university. 6 million Jews died in the Shoah and you complain about such temporal things in deference to serving ha-Sheim according to His Torah?

Cyberwar: your fight, not just hackers!

It’s up to Israel to put a stop to the misojudaism in world opinion. Instead of the constant big-mouth commenting in safe Jewish forums, commenters need to learn that today’s wars are fought, perhaps first and foremost, in the worlds living rooms at their keyboards, forming opinions. Ignorant big-mouth schoolyard rants, often riddled with expletives, about “My god is bigger than your god!” only serves to make Israel look stupid. (Fortunately, there are vastly more Muslims and Christians doing this, demonstrating that Islam and Christianity are even more stupid.)

Cyber-Targeting: Lurkscape, not trolls

When was the last time you saw a troll change their mind? Likely, never. So why do you waste your time arguing with them? Achieving nothing except giving them a platfrom as they are on offense – in Jewish or pro-Israel forums. Mark their comments “spam” (hover over the area to the right of the top line of their comment and click on the “x”) and block them. Do pro-Israel Jews need your pro-Israel comments? What does that accomplish other than get your feathers petted?

In pro-Israel forums, you’re wasting your time arguing with trolls and being baited into giving them a platform to continue their baiting. The majority of the forum agrees with you already. The troll isn’t going to change his or her position. So, you have no chance of changing or influencing anything other than your own ego. Your cyber- ♪ ”War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothin’!” ♫

The Cyber Lurkscape

In anti-Israel forums, only the majority and minority positions are reversed. No one changes their mind. No point operating here either.

However, there is a cyber theater in which you can inform and influence forming opinions: the so-called neutral or “balanced” media throughout the world. Here, most undecided or moldable readers aren’t the typically 3-5 misojudaic troll-commentators, but the vast number of readers who read but don’t comment — the lurkers. That silent, and vast, readership is the cyber lurkscape; and it is the lurkscape to whom you must appeal. You appear to comment and reply to the troll, but that is a ruse. You know, going in, you’re not going to change the misojudaic troll’s mind or position. But you can use the troll’s misojudaic comments as a jump-off point to calmly, objectively, calculatingly and logically address, inform (with facts and documentation) and try to influence the opinions forming in the lurkscape. You can influence opinions in the lurkscape, and only in the lurkscape. Talk sensibly to the lurkscape, not ranting with schoolyard flames and expletives that alienates the lurkscape.

Now, do some good. Stop with the defensive comments in safe Jewish forums and get on the offense: in the wider English-language forums where there are, beyond the trolls, sincere seekers of facts and sensible opinions. Ignore and block the trolls and invest your time and energy in informing the opinions of those who sincerely seek to learn what’s going on.

What is required is for commentators who would be opinion formers to educate themselves to the facts, build a library of these facts and be prepared to copy & paste them effusively — NOT in Jewish forums, preaching to the yeshivot — but in the presently-misojudaic slanted, opinion forming media like BBC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, France 24 (English), Fox, WSJ, NYT and leading newspapers across the lands. This is where Israel is losing the fight against misojudaism — through concession, just not showing up for the fight, and capitulation. Armchair warriors are critical; and they are not adequately educated or trained or prepared, and they are not doing the job of informing opinions in the supposed neutral media where this cyberwar needs to be fought.

PA (Fatah) NOT the answer

Israel has made no more progress with Fatah (the PA) in Yᵊhudah and the Shomᵊron than we have with Gaza. To inject Fatah / the PA into the fray only further muddies the water in Gaza, putting Gazans under yet another, corrupt and unjust, yoke. After demilitarizing Gaza, with all overt Khamas terrorists remanded at The Hague, give Gazans the opportunity to determine their own, autonomous, future while opening the opportunities for open land, air and seaports and foreign investments and markets. In this environment, it would be in Israel’s best interest to help ensure Gazans to thrive, prosper and provide a brighter future for their children.

What Non-Jews Must Do

Tanakh declares that י‑‑ה, the Elohim (“God”) of Israel (!), will destroy all goyim. The only solution, the only path of salvation, is to abandon displacement theology religions (Islam and Christianity) and begin living in accordance with Torah.

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