Geneva and Ahem About that Six Million

Buh bye.
(photo credit: Rikke, for Shutterstock)
Buh bye. (photo credit: Rikke, for Shutterstock)

Go ahead and laugh. Call me crazy.

But remember when I wrote this piece just before the presidential election? Save the Six Million—Pull a Different Lever? People sneered at me. The Daily Beast bashed me in a piece called The Pro-Holocaust Vote. The Daily Kos trashed me in a piece called Times of Israel: Vote for Romney to Prevent a Second Holocaust.

The trolls had a field day. (photo credit: Shutterstock)
The trolls had a field day. (photo credit: Shutterstock)

The trolls had a field day.

And now? One year on?

I’ve watched and waited and seen it play out, thus far, according to my predictions. President Obama, who said he had Israel’s back, did not and never did. From the get-go, he plotted with Valerie Jarrett to undermine the sanctions on Iran. All along when he said he would not let Iran acquire nuclear weapons, PERIOD, he meant, period, period, period (ellipse).

All along, political analysts referred to the President’s “blunders” and “mistakes” and I knew they were neither. Everything President Obama has done has been planned and executed to achieve exactly the results you see.

Regarding Iran, the plan is this:

1) Stay Israel’s hand, leaking military secrets whenever Israel makes a move to defend itself.

2) Relieve the sanctions thereby allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

3) Let Iran bomb Israel.

Buh bye. (photo credit: Rikke, for Shutterstock)
Buh bye.
(photo credit: Rikke, for Shutterstock)

The goal?

Bye-bye Middle East conflict. Bye-bye Bibi. Buh-bye Israel. No more Palestinian whining—just dead Palestinian MARTYRS. (Hey, they were only political pawns to begin with. No one wanted them, certainly none of the Muslim countries.)

And with all that MESS out of the way, Iran’s blood lust will be slaked and the world spared to become one great big global one world unit with Big Brother managing things under one supreme system. So okay, all right. So far, it all goes according to plan. There have been no surprises.

Knight in shining armor.  (photo credit:  FXQuadro for Shutterstock)
Knight in shining armor. Not.
(photo credit: FXQuadro for Shutterstock)

At the last minute, France looked like it might be Israel’s knight in shining armor, come to save the Jews at the very last millisecond. But France ran true to form, ran out of bon courage, and buckled under pressure to sign on the dotted Geneva line, in essence giving Iran the green light to nuke those pesky Jews.

So now the moment has come and gone and the world powers have signed off on a deal. The Jews are on the sacrificial altar.


As they always are, throughout history, except when it begins with Czechoslovakia.

But even then, even when it began with Czechoslovakia, it ended with the Jews. It always ends with dead Jews.

It’s okay. I’m no longer angry, defiant, or frightened. I had an epiphany.

It was on the eve of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. I’d been tense up to that time. Very tense.

I worried about Iran getting the bomb. I worried that Bibi’s hands were tied or that he didn’t have the guts to do what needed to be done. I worried that it was too late, or beyond Israel’s capabilities: the act of eradicating Iran’s nuclear machine. Sometimes I didn’t sleep.

In spite of the tension, I did what I had to do. I carried out my daily work responsibilities at Kars4Kids. I did the laundry. I baked for my son’s bar mitzvah. I made pots of chicken soup for the holidays. With the help of friends, I even managed to pull off a surprise 60th birthday party for my husband.

In the background, all this time, was the fear: the fear about Iran. It would rise up in my throat and I would push it down. I would look at my children and feel weak with helplessness. But I invited Scarlet O’Hara to take up permanent residence in my soul, she who would think about it tomorrow, and I would direct my thoughts elsewhere.

(photo credit: Mooredesigns for Shutterstock)
(photo credit: Mooredesigns for Shutterstock)

Now the New Year was upon us and it seemed to me this New Year was fraught with things that would or could happen, evil things, miraculous things: the unknown. It seemed this New Year might even be the last.

I lit the candles and circled them with my hands thrice, covered my eyes, and whispered the blessings. Prayers recited, I lifted my hands away from my eyes to take in 14 flames topping 14 crystal candlesticks, one for each member of my family.

The air grew filmy with the flickering heat of their elegant light and that’s when the magic happened. I was at peace. I knew this was it: that everything I had been taught about God and morality and the world had come down to this time.

And I was ready, really ready for whatever would happen.

I didn’t know if we would be saved or if this would be the end. But I was okay with what was meant to be.

Okay in a deep down way.

This morning, instead of feeling down and out, I let it, the news, suffuse me. It’s still all going according to plan. I’m not fighting it.

Man tracht und Gott lacht.

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