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Everyone chimes in.  That is their right and privilege in a free society.  The question is to whom we as the public ought to be listening in our attempts to understand.  People who are entertainers are entitled to their opinions, but they rarely have anything but their biased attitudes upon which they draw.  They are not nuanced in what they think they know.  They haven’t studied the background history of the matters upon which they comment.  Their perspective is paper-thin and their conclusions lack anything resembling valuable substance

I pay no attention to the words and positions of actors and actresses.  The world is far more complex than their knee-jerk reactions reflect.  One might as well treat the problems of the world by choosing up sides as one does for a game of dodge ball. But the world doesn’t work that way and which side receives the most votes in a favor-ability rating doesn’t determine who emerges from the clouds of war as loser or victor.

I would prefer that actors and actresses would do what they are supposed to do best…act!  They need not demonstrate their opinions to the public because those serve little purpose other than to attempt to arouse the chorus of folks who similarly lack the in-depth knowledge necessary to understand a situation that is far more complex than making their morning coffee and deciding where and when next to shop for their groceries.

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After twenty-three years of military service, Rabbi Schwartzman retired at the rank of Colonel in September 1998. From July 1999 to July 2000, Rabbi Schwartzman was Associate Rabbi of Temple Sinai in Denver, Colorado. For a decade thereafter he served as the Rabbi of both Congregation B’nai Chaim in Morrison, Colorado, and the Synagogue of the Summit in Summit County, Colorado.
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