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German author Lisa-Marie Reuter, 30, wins Tor Books Germany ‘cli-fi’ short story contest

As the cli-fi term reaches more and more readers and writers worldwide, a German book publisher recently sponsored a cli-fi short story contest, with the winner announced in Bonn at the end of the recent COP23 climate conference among nations. Lisa-Marie Reuter in Germany took first prize, and her story is now published online (in German only for now).

Fischer Tor Books in Germany announced the “siegerstory” (winning story) in November with a press release in German, but an English-language translation of the press release will appear soon. In addition, there is a possibility that Reuter’s story will be translated into English later on as well.

The story, titled “Death of a Goddess” is set in the near future in a dystopian India where the Ganges River has run dry. For more information about the story in German and additional information in English, see this supporting website.

And congratulations to Lisa-Marie Reuter!

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