Gideon Sa’ar and The Lincoln Project

I like Gideon Sa’ar. His record in politics is respectable to say the least. His youth activism for Geulah Cohen’s Tehiya party, his vocal opposition to the 2005 Gaza Disengagement, and his work to instill Israeli education with a deep sense of patriotism and Jewish pride speak to his record and his potential as a higher officeholder. His newfound commitment to Shabbat observance shows a profound appreciation for Jewish heritage and practice that is still growing. 

All of these positive indicators pale in the face of what may be the worst decision of Sa’ar’s political career; the hiring and continued employment of The Lincoln Project as the managers of his campaign.

The problems with The Lincoln Project run deep. Deeper than founder Rick Wilson running positive press for Qatar, the foremost funder of Hamas, during a 2018 visit so rich and saccharine it would make Kim Jong-Un blush. Deeper than founder Steve Schmidt decrying President Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, stating Trump “has blood on his hands” and leaving the Republican Party in protest less than a month later.

The depths of The Lincoln Project’s many problems hit their nadir with their institutional pederasty. As of the writing of this piece, 21 men, all minors at the time, have come forward with evidence that Lincoln Project founder John Weaver had made sexual overtures to them in return for professional favors. Weaver has since admitted that all the accusations are true. 

Some of his victims were as young as 14 at the time.

They say politics is Hollywood for ugly people. If that’s true, Weaver served as its pedophiliac Harvey Weinstein for decades while his Lincoln Project buddies, now employed by Sa’ar, worked as his enablers and protectors.

Like Harvey Weinstein, Weaver’s proclivities were semi-public knowledge. Karl Rove attempted to oust Weaver as the predator he is as far back as 2000. Weaver was quietly removed from the organization over the summer with no public statement acknowledging his departure until late January.

It has been reported that Molly Jong-Fast, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Beast and podcast co-host with Rick Wilson, had this story at least since Weaver’s departure, but buried it at the behest of Wilson and the rest of The Lincoln Project crew.

Jacob Wohl, the Jewish political activist that blew the whistle on corruption within the Roger Stone trial, has alleged that Rick Wilson was not only an enabler of Weaver’s type of activity, but a participant.

The Lincoln Project operatives Gideon Sa’ar has hired to run his campaign have protected and enabled pedophiles and predators or even engaged in such behavior themselves. Sa’ar has invited this swamp of degeneracy and corruption into Israel, now, with this knowledge, it is his responsibility to remove it. 

Gideon Sa’ar has a choice; he can continue running as the morally uncorrupted, principled alternative to Bibi Netanyahu or he can continue employing The Lincoln Project, but he cannot do both.

Gideon Sa’ar is a figure with real potential in Israeli politics, but every new day he spends with The Lincoln Project on his payroll, his integrity is at stake. Simply put, if Sa’ar is willing to sacrifice his integrity for The Lincoln Project’s political counsel, you should not be willing to sacrifice your integrity by giving Sa’ar your vote.

About the Author
Jesse Edberg is a spokesman for Yamina where he is specifically charged with running English-language youth engagement. While graduating from the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in 2020 and studying at the Tulane University of Louisiana, Edberg has also served on several American campaigns, most notably Larry Hogan's successful 2018 gubernatorial reelection bid, and has written for several online publications.
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