Giving back is optional

Every few days in Israel we hear about some small startup or other making an “exit” and the founders walking away with a big pile of cash as the fruits of their hard labour are picked up and carried forward by a big company.

So this story is a little different: sometimes that cash gets spread around a little more. There is an organisation in Israel that accepts donations that may or may not be worthless. Tmura is a foundation that accepts donations of options in startup companies. These options are deposited by investors in the foundation. If the startup succeed, Tmura is left holding a valuable stake in the company and can sell this to generate money.

Tmura has donated to more than 100 non-profit organizations in Israel, focusing on those which improve and enhance the lives of children.

Just last week Tmura was able to sell a share in Intucell, an Israeli startup  bought by Cisco. They raised $400,000 and they highlighted three of the organisations they will fund with this:

  • AMICHAI ( – an organization which aims to integrate mentally disabled individuals into the larger society;
  • Krembo Wings ( – a national youth movement for children with special needs; and
  • Eliya ( – an organization that operates unique programs for blind and visually impaired children and their families.

If you’ve got a startup, maybe you want to throw a few share options in the pot now?

About the Author
Brian of London made aliyah from the UK to Israel in 2009. For many years he has blogged and broadcast about Israel, technology and other subjects. Most recently he's focused on the experience of driving an electric car every day. Brian has a scientific PhD but today owns a business in Israel.