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Global Silence on Israeli Hostages

Homeland security campaign

As travelers navigate through Miami-Dade and other major airports, they are greeted by stark advertisements warning against human trafficking. These powerful images and messages from Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign are vital in raising awareness about the atrocities of forced labor, sex trafficking, and domestic servitude. Such evils are rightfully condemned, and efforts to combat them are heavily promoted. But while these advertisements remind us of the importance of safeguarding human dignity, there exists a glaring inconsistency in our global consciousness: the prolonged captivity of over 120 hostages, including infants, which has met with a resounding silence.

The issue of human trafficking is indeed heinous. People are coerced into labor and exploited for profit, stripped of their freedoms, and subjected to unimaginable suffering. The advertisements we see at airports serve as a crucial reminder of the ongoing battle against these crimes. Yet, this battle seems to lose its vigor when we look at another form of captivity that has been tragically overlooked.

For over nine months, more than 120 hostages have been held in dire conditions. We know that many of the women may be pregnant by now, as they are being trafficked among the terrorists. This information comes from testimonies of those who were freed and from the footage that the terrorists themselves displayed to the world on October 7. These are not isolated incidents but a widespread crisis that demands our attention and action. The world has become eerily silent, its moral compass seemingly adrift.

Recently, I was traveling and saw these advertisements in Miami airport. I was left saddened by the world’s lack of compassion for the hostages in Israel. The contrast between the passionate campaigns against human trafficking and the silence surrounding the hostages is striking. It is as if the world can only focus on one injustice at a time, leaving other equally pressing issues in the shadows.

Why do we, as a society, find ourselves so vocal about one form of human rights abuse while turning a blind eye to another? The principle remains the same: servitude without payment, sex trafficking, and hostage-taking are illegal and immoral. Yet, the international community’s response to the plight of these hostages, especially the infants, has been disturbingly tepid.

The Blue Campaign’s advertisements should serve as a broader call to action. If we can mobilize resources and generate awareness to combat human trafficking, why can’t we do the same for these hostages? The captivity of the Bibas infants and others is a blight on our collective conscience. It’s not just a humanitarian issue; it’s a profound moral crisis.

It’s time for global leaders, human rights organizations, and every individual to raise their voices against this injustice. The same energy and resources dedicated to eradicating human trafficking should be channeled towards securing the release of these hostages. We must pressure governments, leverage international platforms, and ensure that the plight of these innocent lives is brought to the forefront of global discourse.

In the end, our silence is complicity. We cannot pick and choose which human rights abuses to condemn based on convenience or visibility. Every person deserves freedom, dignity, and justice—whether they are victims of human trafficking or hostages held in captivity. It is our duty to advocate for them with equal fervor and commitment.

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Linda Sadacka is a prominent political activist and community leader, renowned for her influential social media platform @lindaadvocate. Her advocacy, sparked by the tragic murder of a close friend by Hamas, has led her to become the CEO of the New York Jewish Council where she addresses significant Jewish community issues. Separately, she founded Moms on a Mitzvah, a 501(c)(3) charity focused on charitable works and community support. Linda's political endeavors include organizing forums with lawmakers and Nobel laureates, while her charitable initiatives leverage her skills in social media to engage broader audiences. Honored as a Woman of Distinction in 2022 by Senator Felder, Linda continues to drive her vision of a just and compassionate society through distinct avenues of public engagement and community support.
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