Go, Trump, Go

The main headline in the New York Daily News today is “Trump Is Hitler.”

They are basing their lead story on the opinion of one man, a comedian I never heard of.

In the Huffington Post, the associate editor writes under the headline, “Trump Rally Looks Like A Scene From Nazi Germany.”

I looked at the picture and I didn’t see anything that resembled Nazi Germany.

If that is the best his enemies can come with on Donald Trump, they got nothing, nothing, nothing on him.

Israel, for reasons which don’t have to spelled out, follows the US presidential election closely. It could come down to Trump vs. Hillary. Israel is not going to get a fair picture from the US mass media (MSM), not just on Trump, but also on Hillary, wife of the former president Bill Clinton and secretary of state from 2008-2012.

The US mass media, with Fox News the exception, has been an attack dog of the Democratic Party for some time now. It is constantly trying to dig up dirt on the Republican candidate, but will look the other way on anything that might hurt the chances of the Democrat.

Let’s go to 2008. Obama from the time he started his career in politics in Chicago was in tight with a crooked wheeler-dealer named Tony Rezko. Rezko was finally sent to prison in 2011. In 2005, Obama got a property at a cut rate next to one bought by Rezko’s wife. An Israeli lawyer specializing in such cases here — his name escapes me — said that under Israeli law he would go to prison for that deal. US law is different, but his whole relationship with Rezko cried out for a major investigative effort by the press. None, beyond what was done locally, was made. If Trump had a similar relationship with someone like Rezko at any time, he would be dead in the water by now.

Then there was the meeting Obama had with a group of virulent anti-Semites, in the late ’90s I believe, including Arafat go-fer Rashid Khalidi, who is on record as saying that suicide bombings are justified if the victims are Jews. Why was Obama there and what was said? The LA Times had a video of that meeting. They refused to release it. No one in the MSM made any kind of fuss. Contrast this with Trump being depicted as a KKK supporter merely because he said in passing he would take the votes of the KKK, or something like that. Obama did far worse in even sitting in the same room as Khalidi, let alone talking to him, plus all the others, and there was not a word of criticism from anyone in the MSM.

All Democrats benefitted from the MSM favoritism. John Edwards was posturing as the devoted husband of his cancer-stricken wife while running around with another woman. No one in the MSM touched it. The story broke only because the National Enquirer exposed it. If they had anything resembling that on Trump he, again, would dead in the water.

While they were ignoring Obama, the Daily Caller exposed a list of 400 liberal journalists including reporters, commentators, and academics belonging to JournoList, who conspired on ways of attacking Sarah Palin, the vice-president candidate. She got the same treatment Trump is getting today. Some commentators on TV didn’t even call her by name, rather “Caribou Barbie.” One said anyone who votes for her is “white trash.” Things hit rock bottom when comedienne Sandra Bernhard, a speaker at the DC Jewish Community Center in Washington, called publicly for the gang-rape of Palin, specifying that it should done by black men, residents of New York City. The crowd, all Jews, laughed. The only way you can top that is for someone to call for Trump’s assassination. There is already a page up on Facebook called “AssassinateDonaldTrump.” As of this moment, Facebook refuses to take it down.

Hillary has been under scrutiny for not securing her e-mails. Whether anything illegal occurred or this damaged US interests, who knows? And no one really expects Obama’s Justice Department to do anything but cover it up.

Israel had a lot to be nervous about if its messages to Hillary were leaking out. But the worst case was probably the Ukraine. This goes to the relationship of the US with Russia, read Putin.

This is a long story. When the Iron Curtain fell the Ukraine possessed 1,900 nuclear warheads. That was more than China, the UK, and France combined. They didn’t want them, but their president said maybe we should keep 46 just in case. Clinton, then US president, told the Ukrainians, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. And the Ukrainians gave up everything.

Yeltsin, the Russian leader at the time, was seriously trying to establish a friendly relationship with the US. Clinton then decided to strip Kosovo province from Serbia, a client of Russia, and give it to the Albanian mafia. Yeltsin was incapacitated by illness and drink at the time. He could have caused havoc to the plans by arming Serbia with an advanced air-defence system that could shoot down their planes. He didn’t do it. On the day the war began, Primakov, the foreign minister, was in the air en route to meet Gore, then vice-president, to close a deal worth $16 billion that would have cemented relations between the two countries. He turned the plane around in mid-air, muttering “keep your money,” and from that day to this, Russia has not trusted America.

It gets worse. Because Clinton stripped off a province of Serbia, as far as the Russians were concerned, those were the new rules in the world, the same for everyone. They sliced off two provinces from Georgia.

In 2009, when Hillary was in charge of foreign affairs, Obama assured the nervous Ukrainians that you have nothing to worry about, we are there for you. All this chatter about the Ukraine was going into Hillary’s unsecured e-mail system. No one can say if the Russians were reading her emails, but it deserves an investigation. Then the Russians grabbed the Crimea from  the Ukraine and if Obama did anything at all, it was to interrupt his golf game for a few minutes.

If anyone expects Hillary in the White House to establish better relations with Russia, they don’t realize how much anger exists even today against Bill Clinton for stripping off Kosovo. As far as they are concerned, she’s no different from him. And if she had classified emails on the Ukraine that were unsecured, then she botched the job as secretary of state, and should not even be considered for president.

Then there was the whole story of the Mufti’s Vineyard in Jerusalem, when Hillary was secretary of state. Way back, this property had belonged to the Mufti, a Nazi war criminal who is responsible for the deaths of most of the Jews of Bosnia during WWII. The property was awarded by the courts to a Jew. The family of the Mufti said that it should go to them. Obama took up the cause of the Nazi war criminal triggering riots in the streets. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, among others, tried to explain, “Israeli law does not discriminate between Jews, Muslims, and Christians or between eastern and western Jerusalem.”

What was Hillary’s reaction to the Israeli government position defending giving a property to a Jew that had been seized from a Nazi war criminal? Her department said: “insulting,” “an affront,” “very unfortunate.” There are only two possibilities: either she speaks without thinking, and is clueless, or she is contemptuous of the Israeli government. In either case, she is going to be a disaster for Israel as president.

No one is going to hold Hillary’s feet to the fire on what she was doing when the Ukraine was going down the tubes or whether she still supports turning over a Jerusalem property to the family of a Nazi war criminal, or has she changed her mind, and why? The reason is that the MSM will give her pass on everything. She can do no wrong. If someone died at Benghazi, it wasn’t her fault. Or, as she put it herself, “What difference does it make?” As for Trump, they will do their best to make him out as the second coming of Hitler because they have nothing, nothing, nothing on him.

I am a Canadian by origin, resident of Israel, so I have no vote in this election. But I shall express my opinion on these two.

Go, Trump, Go!

About the Author
Dov Ivry is from the Maritimes in Canada, born in Nova Scotia, raised in New Brunswick. He worked as a journalist there for 20 years with a one-year stop at the Gazette in Montreal. He's been hanging out in Israel for 36 years, doing this and that, and managed to produce 66 books.
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