Bob Ryan

God is not Physical

With God, all things are possible. With man, as with all creatures created by God, not so much. Man, no matter how unique we may be among all species on Earth, is still limited by the laws of physics.

God exists outside the physical realm, which is why God can create laws, like eternal energy, matter from nothing, and life from no-life. Those are things that cannot happen in the physical universe.

In order for those things to happen naturally, would require all laws to cease to exist that keeps everything in check. It would be the destruction of the universe. That is what those laws created by God do. Bring order to everything.

Outside the physical realm means God can create laws and life from no-life after the laws are in effect without stopping a single law of physics. That is something that can only be done from a non-physical perspective.

Man cannot create matter with nothing to predate that matter. It cannot occur due to laws not allowing something to come from nothing. The only thing nothing brings is nothing. Yet, matter exists, despite the laws of physics that would make it scientifically impossible.

The entire universe gives evidence to God as a designer without physical limitations that exist. Everything from the complexity of a single cell to granite not crumbling like sandstone proves God’s carefully orchestrated design from a non-physical realm.

Since the laws and mathematics that go with them are perfect, God is perfect. Perfection is needed for order in the universe. A single flaw brings everything crashing down.

God not being physical is the only logical conclusion for how the laws of the universe and mathematics to exist. Energy has no beginning and no end, which is impossible in the physical world, yet it exist as an eternal force.

Remove God and not a single law can exist. They would have to be random, and that defies everything known about the laws of physics.

About the Author
Bob Ryan is a novelist of the future via science-fiction, dystopian or a combination of the two, and blogger of the past with some present added in on occasion. He believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past, since human nature is an unchanging force. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. He is a Christian Zionist who knows God is calling His chosen home as foretold in prophecy.