David Lemmer

God, Values, and the American Way


Watching the political spectrum shift across the globe is a pretty awesome phenomenon to witness. The EU has gone conservative, the UK has accepted the liberal commonsense path, while Joe Biden and the Democrat Power machine are crumbling underneath its house of cards and lies. I know how much being involved in politics really depresses a person, they are simply unnecessary stresses that we put upon ourselves just so that we are in the know of things happening around us. Either so we can have a say in the ruling of our nation or to be able to stop a certain agenda before it can evolve into something unstoppable. Some enjoy geo-political news, seeing other nations and how they treat their own, trying to understand another point of view based on their faiths and beliefs. But overall, it has nothing to do with our day to day life, until it does. And that’s where we stand now. Do these policies affect people who didn’t listen to the news too?

There are issues that pertain just to border communities. The border has always been an issue but the spread of narcotics and the trafficking of women and children were mostly contained within these states. We had issues of indoctrination in the education system. The liberal ideologues have succeeded in brainwashing certain institutions, creating a movement of inclusivity amongst those groups of its followers. Their voice was small and their disconnect was felt by the common man.

America is the land of the free, you are free to live however you want. As anyone belonging to a certain religion we may find this sentence disturbing, if you can decide to live however you want, that idea may really bother our beliefs. Knowing with clarity that God doesn’t approve of a certain behavior, how can I support a country that betrays my values? 

So we must agree that “The land of the free” has a different interpretation. It would mean that each religion can prosper freely, and ultimately, if their God wills it, become the majority belief of the entire nation and vote themselves into office. But wait, has any religion ever succeeded in such an endeavor? As Jews we believe that when the Messiah cometh the world will be filled with the knowledge of God. Have we overthrown governments with our ideals? Have we started a war for personal gain or have we been called into conflict for our beliefs? Who are those other religions that find us and others so repulsive that it seems to be their duty, not just to persuade the masses to follow their ideology, rather to force us into it by committing atrocities. Wait a second, the government!

So if your way to the top is by killing, destroying and looting, I wouldn’t doubt myself when saying that you most probably lie and cheat too. If you can’t get the majority of your people to accept your belief you should have no way to get voted in and, subsequently, no right to place it upon me as law. It is very easy to identify truth from lies, just look for the times you were forced into doing something, did it feel right?

Let me go off script here for a moment. God created food, snack size fruits, meal size animals, and he gave us tiny seeds to carry around with us so we can have food wherever we may go. He made men and women, and even before the man knew how to scramble his own eggs, he could already produce another human with a tiny genetic sperm. He also gave us a tiny heart with an intuition in it, it is our tiny seed of values that intuitively knows to weigh right from wrong, good from bad and true from false.

It seems that these principles have been pushed aside for a while. We have given conglomerate corporations the ability to carry our grain, deep state actors are genetically modifying our foods and the government is controlling our value systems and raising our children as robots. The economy required a new generation of 30 year olds to run the business sector and the majority of those with degrees brought along their inclusivity religion. It wasn’t enough that, up until now, we had to look at the bright side of this country and believe in our God and the freedoms He’s given this country. Now we have to reform our beliefs and kowtow to a minority class that acts superior due to their diplomas and certificates? The fear of censorship shook many to their core, their tiny spec of God trembled as they understood that this is not the right way. But as they say, “You open the door just a crack, you open the door all the way!”

Their lie was seen and its stench spread wider, but the man at home still hadn’t heard the news. “Life is simple,” he would say, “I have me a wife, a daughter, two dogs and a farm.” But as Jane came home from school in the 10th grade, Pops wasn’t the slightest bit happy. The technology war, the brainwashing operations online, on the news and slowly making its way in by foot in the marketplace on main street, that really startled the quiet man. And when his dear Sally was shot and killed by an Illegal, that was already a call to arms. But wait, how did these policies ever make it into the way of the land, has the majority fallen? The majority of well meaning people, each to their own, trying to live the best life possible connected to their beliefs and faiths without imposing it on others, where have they gone? 

If they don’t watch the news and don’t care about the politics because they trust the government, how can we get through to them? Are we going to use the tools given to us in this generation or are we going to rely on a horse and buggy to carry our word? Are we going to aggressively take back this country so that each individual can live with those freedoms forever? And most of all, are we convicted strongly in our belief to make it happen? After four years of such leadership, four years of lies, can we still call these stories conspiracies?

Any thought comes from a place in the heart, a place that weighs truth from lies, but as long as the facts don’t come to light we have to create a story that calms down that place in the heart. You can call them conspiracy theories but as the facts combine the full picture comes to light. Yes, we may have to tweak our initial story a bit as history unfolds behind us, but what is for certain is that the story they gave us back then isn’t comparable to the one we see in front of us right now.

Look at the full picture, if we go into details we’ll get lost. Should we talk about the stolen election of 2020 (See “2000 Mules”), the lie of gender equality which started in the early 1900s in the abortion clinics for ethnic cleansing, the censoring of speech (Twitter Files), the destruction of our legal institutions, the overreach of privatized government? The list goes on, but we see Satan’s fingerprints clearly before our eyes without even trying to find it outside. They have infiltrated the likes of this country and their fall has been long awaited. This reality we are living in is the long con of the Devil, throughout each generation he plants tiny seeds and tries to grow the lies. He needs well meaning people to carry out the first step and saves the true villains for one hundred years from then. His game is near completion and we are up to roll the dice. Batter’s Up! Let’s bring it home for team America!


David Lemmer is an Orthodox Jewish author and hypnotherapist out of NJ, specializing in natural mindset change therapies. He can be reached at LemmerHypno@gmail.com       

About the Author
David Lemmer, is a hypnotherapist based out of Lakewood NJ. He has a couple of books relating to hypnotherapy of a journey through the body and soul of the person to discover their inner meaning. Another book with a beautiful poetic translation of all of Tehillim.