Going to a University Where J St. Is Attacked

Actually, a university newspaper. The Chicago Maroon, the “independent student newspaper” of the University of Chicago.

They have something up as a letter to the editor about divestment, etc. from the “UofCDivest Coalition” which also contains an attack on…J Street.


Palestinians today face a comprehensive system of occupation, dispossession, and segregation—in short, apartheid. Their cities are bombed, resources stolen, children kidnapped, and movement restricted. They have asked for our help.

…Our resolution, while targeted, supports the full demands of the BDS call: an end to the occupation, equality for all people in Palestine/Israel, and the right of all Palestinian refugees to return to their homes. Freedom, equality, return: human rights…

J Street nominally endorses an end to the occupation as a step toward lasting peace. But now, as #UofCDivest proposes concrete action against the occupation, J Street stands alongside a coalition that not only refuses to acknowledge the Occupation, but vocally opposes divestment from weapons manufacturers…#UofCDivest stands for peace by demanding that we end our complicity in violence against Palestinians. What does J Street stand for?

It’s tough, I presume, attacking Israel’s policies and then getting attacked, in turn, for not doing enough from your fellow leftist, radical, progressive activists.

It’s been eight years since I last was an university student (MA, Political Science, Hebrew University, Jerusalem), but I decided to get involved.  I left this comment (hopefully, to be approved):

Have you taken into consideration the strong possibility that if ever an independent & free state of Palestine is established, the level of misery, discrimination, violence, dispossession and oppression against the Arab man/woman/child in the street will only increase? That it will be a Hamastan, or worse? That its society will be subjected to an unjust value system? Its government will exploit its citizens? And more? Now, I know one answer would be “be at the least its our own government” but if you ask for all the world to help you achieve that, don’t you think you cannot then deny or avoid all the world’s interest and concern and, to put it plainly, I & I (intervention and interference) once the state is established? So why deny Israel and its supporters now that same Right of I & I?”

If the Arabs-who-refer-to-themselves-as-‘Palestinians’ demand something called R2R, that is, the right to resist, conveniently declaring certain forms of definite violence as non-violent, and being supported, unfortunately not only by Jews but by Israelis, why can’t there be the Right to Intervene and Interfere?

As Nir Barkat now is aware from first-hand experience, appearing at universities promoting/backing Israel is getting to be an alternate IDF training exercise.  The writer of this TOI contribution was still shaking from it.

And, by the way, in response to their chant, I created this:

Palestine Be

Getting back to J St., whose potential allies are ganging up on them, there are others who are not at all appreciative of it:

What J Street does offer is cover for anti-Israel and anti-Semitic individuals, organizations, politicians, and pundits who capitalize on the affiliation to demonize the Jewish state…The progressive ideologues of the Left having elevated social justice and class warfare to the level of a religion in place of their Judaism…J Street forgot to mention that hate and violence represent the core of who they [the progressive ideologues of the Left – YM] are.

The pro-Israel forces on the campus battleground are not being adequately educated, prepared and equipped.  The establishment support groups are facilitating subversive and undermining activities and developments – from OpenHillel to IfNotNow – but do not promote speakers and others from the other side of the spectrum.

That is not only unfortunate but dangerous.

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Yisrael Medad, currently is a Research Fellow at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem and Deputy Editor of the English Language Anthology of Jabotinsky's Writings. American-born, he and his wife made Aliyah in 1970. He resides in Shiloh since 1981. He was a member of the Betar Youth Movement World Executive and is a volunteer spokesperson for the Yesha Council. He holds a MA in Political Science from the Hebrew University and is active is many Zionist and Jewish projects and initiatives.
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