After God said “let there be night and day,” he also said a few other things like “right and wrong,” smart and stupid,” warm and cold,””positive and negatiuve,” and finally, ” winners and losers.”

He (or she, if you prefer) wasn’t talking about a bridge game or the lottery. The issue is there are both in the world. Haters are losers. UN and Hamas militants are both losers, so it is just they are friends. The problem with losers is they say and do stupid things. Flying to Israel on a Qatari plane is one of the more stupid things Ban Ki Moon has done, assuming he wanted the world to think of the UN an an impartial arbitrator of Countries’ deeds. If he doesn’t care what the world thinks of the UN, that is equally stupid. Ban-KI is Bank-Rupt, morally and intelligence wise. We send monies to the UN. I wonder if that means we are one of the stupid?


About the Author
Sanford Paris is the son of a rabbi who was raised Orthodox and converted to Reformed. He graduate from Ohio State and is an avid reader of news and philosopher at a senior age. A critical thinker with a high IQ who is pragmatic in observations and events. A business owner with two adult children, living in the Mid-West.