Good Jew Bad Jew

In today’s society there are two types of Jews – a good Jew and a bad Jew.

The good Jew is usually not particularly religious, has a keen sense of what is right and wrong and has a suspicion that Israel is nothing to do with them. The good Jew believes that they just need to be understood, to explain how they pose no threat to the non-Jewish community and that all they need to do is to nicely tell the Israelis that they are being paranoid about the continuous calls by their neighbours for the Jews to be murdered or driven into the sea. The good Jew knows, according to the anti-Zionist narrative that all they need to do is apologise for being Jewish and above all apologise for every act of the Jewish state.

The more the good Jew joins in with criticising Israel the better they become. Even better if their parents were religious and kept kosher since then the good Jew can claim to have eschewed such outdated practices and thereby increase their standing with the not anti-Semites.

It is these Jews, the good Jews, that the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, prospective leader of the British Labour Party and Baroness Tonge – former Liberal Democratic front bench spokeswomen – approve of and support. When the Corbyns and Tonges of this world claim not be anti-Semitic it is the good Jews they are thinking about, it is the good Jews they don’t hate.

The bad Jew is of course the opposite of all this. The bad Jew is just being awkward when he claims that hating the idea of Jewish self-determination – Zionism – is anti-Semitic.

The bad Jew is being racist when he suggests that sending rockets into civilian populations in Israel is somehow bad. When he calls the Israel and Zionist haters to task for ignoring honour killings, women being unable to even drive in Saudi Arabia, the persecution of homosexuals all over the Middle East or the excesses of the religious police in Iran the bad Jew is attacked for ignoring the “truth” that nothing at all on this planet is worse than Israel.

The unfortunate truth is that the bad Jews are right. They have learned the lessons of history and know, that when the chips are down and the Jews – good and bad – are under threat, the Corbyns and Tonges will wring their hands, declare how terrible it is and how once the Jews are dead they will bring the murderers to justice. The bad Jew recognises that the obsession with Israel is just that, a hate fuelled obsession which started in the Middle East and having been imported into the UK has been gleefully absorbed by those claiming to hate racism.

I am a bad Jew. I believe in my right to self-determination. I believe that if I am asked because I am a Jew – as an American Jew recently was – to declare a position on the Palestinian issue, then this is anti-Semitic. I believe that councils in the UK that pass motions concerning the Jewish State but no other countries however oppressive and vile they may be, that this is anti-Semitic. I believe that trades unions or any organisation that seeks to ban Israelis from taking part in events in this country when they exercise this with no other nation, they are being anti-Semitic.   Finally, I believe that those who claim not to be anti-Semitic but in reality are referring only to the good Jews, are in fact discriminating against me, the bad Jew and are anti-Semitic in the true sense of the term. It is time we stopped pretending.

About the Author
Robert Festenstein is a solicitor based in Manchester with considerable experience in Court actions. He is active in representing groups opposing BDS and fighting the increase in anti-Semitism, particularly amongst the left-wing in the UK.
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