Grilled chicken with white wine and garlic

Grilled Chicken with White Wine and Garlic

Here is a wonderful meal for the Sabbath. If there is anything that Shabbat is about, it is our connection to our family. It is the one day of the week that we can all get together, forget about the problems of the world, all of our monetary problems and renew our ties with our family members. First we renew our ties with our spouses for without them we could have no family. Then with our children for what would our families be without them. Then to our parents and then in a larger sense to all of Israel which are an integral part. Most importantly we remember what Hashem did. How he created all that we are, will be and could ever be. This Universe is His. He created it, into the Spiritual and in the Material Worlds. Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy.


2 (about 3 pounds each) Kosher Chickens, split in half.
1 cup White Wine Vinegar
1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
½ cup Kosher Israeli White Wine
2 tbs. Fresh Oregano, minced
1 tbs. fresh Thyme, minced
4 cloves Garlic, crushed and minced
½ tsp. Hot Sauce
Salt and freshly Ground Black Pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients and pour into a gallon size zip lock plastic bag. Marinate two whole chickens that have been split overnight in refrigerator.

Remove from the marinade and allow the chickens to up to room temperature. First sear the chickens over the open flame and then grill using indirect heat slowly until done. Flip only once. Serve with a fresh salad, some pasta, rice, or potato, green vegetable, a little fish, some Kosher Israeli Wine, Challah and of course a few blessings.

Shabbat Shalom

A special note. Whenever possible please purchase Kosher items that come from Israel especially those products that originate in Judea and the Shomron.

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Chef Ceaser has been a kosher chef for 37 years.
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