David Haivri
Indigenous Jew in the Heartland of Israel

Guilty by Association?

From time to time, some obnoxious bloggers write up posts meant to defame me and other dedicated Jewish activists. They claim we should be guilty by association with people who are also guilty by association -sometimes four times removed. Are their any rules and regulations to determine the level of guilt of someone who is photographed with someone who is friends with someone else who goes to church with someone else who once wrote on his blog that he offered words of gospel to a prostitute in Tel Aviv?

In my opinion, this is a pretty low level of name smearing. When these types of blog entries are posted, I ask myself, “Should I even bother responding?” In Hebrew, there is an expression: “go prove that you don’t have a sister” – which means if someone is spreading rumors about your sister, but you don’t even have a sister, where do you start your explanation?

I lean toward ignoring this immature level of harassment. But on the other hand, our sages have said that silence in the face of accusation could be considered an admission of the stated offense (Talmud, Ivamot 93:2).

So, to set the record straight, and for those who are not sure of where I stand and why: I am a Jew and a Zionist. I am far from perfect, but I do my best to be abide by the rabbinical code. I do not – in any way, shape, or form – condone missionary activity aimed at luring Jews to accept other faiths. I would never provide any type of assistance to those who wish to hunt Jewish souls.

On a daily basis, I interact with non-Jews around the world. Some of them are sympathetic to Israel and the Jewish people. Some are not. Some are devoted to their own faiths, and many are attracted to Torah and Judaism. In all of my interactions with Jews and non-Jews alike, I am very forthcoming with my views and beliefs. If you follow my opinion pieces and social media posts, the one thing that you can be sure of is that I am not shy about voicing my opinion.

I think that Jewish people should be proud of who they are, and should express that by observing the codes of Halacha and living in Israel. These observances are an honor to our great heritage and provide a light unto the nations. I have learned that many non-Jews have a true appreciation for Jews who do just that.

So, I think that it is pointless and ill-informed to accuse me of guilt by association. I refuse to refrain from talking with or having my picture taken with people who think differently than I do. If you disagree or have questions on my stands on issues, please feel free to tweet me, and we can discuss it.

About the Author
David Ha'ivri is an Councilman on the Shomron Regional Council, Chairman of Committee for Commemoration of Victims of Terrorism and Chairman of Committee for Road Safety. He a strategist specializing in international relations with vast experience in Jewish-Christian and Jewish-Arab dialogue. He is an inspirational speaker and a social media personality. He provides support in strategic planning for public figures, investors and philanthropists.