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Hail to the Chief

The Stars & Stripes (Free to Use by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels)

As many readers will have noticed, the United States is holding an election. It is time for the American people to decide who will rule this unruly collection of disunited states.

This is a difficult time for America and its people. Their country is deeply divided, and passions are running high. Their country is facing many problems and they need a strong leader to take them forward.

But for the media, this is a time of celebration. From around the world, many correspondents have been sent, clutching their large expense accounts, to tell us what we already know — there is an election. Their breathless reports of what might happen are all meaningless. If we just wait a day or two, we will know who is to be the next president.

We do not need hour-by-hour, even minute-by-minute, results of polls from potential voters. Many will change their minds when they get to the polling booth. Others will deliberately give a wrong answer, or not want to admit that they are voting Trump (or Biden). We certainly do not need interviews with a handful of “representative” voters, they hardly represent the more than 150 million registered voters.

We do not need to see smug political analysts telling us how many times they have been right in past elections. I am sure that they would like to do away with the tedious and costly election process – they could tell us who wins without the bother of an election.

There are many real issues in the world that should be holding the reporters’ attention. Their barely concealed preference for one candidate is not one of them.

By the time you read this, we might know the answer – despite the turmoil in getting a definite winner, America will eventually have its president. We wish him, whoever he might be, every success in handling the many problems facing America and the world.

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